10 Simple Ways to Relieve Stress and Anxiety

relieve stress and anxiety

Hello! soulmates, stress and anxiety plays major role in our life. Let, we see how to overcome this in our own way.

what causes stress and anxiety to our mind?

There are many reasons for stresses which leads to anxiety includes with perplexity and nervousness . which this can disturbs our mind’s peace and cause various distractions, which results could not able to concentrate and becoming confused and creates some afraid of our future life about what could be happen.

Reasons for stress and anxiety:

  1. Failure. Which leads to unfaith and doubt about your decision, planning and goals.
  2. Demotivation. This can be cause by your unconfident about yourself which you think that “can i able to do so?” or demotivated by others.
  3. Perplexity. Traveling towards goal with some perplexity. when you chose as something to attain but, you get hesitate to move on towards your aim. So, when you chose just move on without any hesitation!
  4. Work load. “The too much of anything is not good for nothing”! right?? the more work in job includes with family stress can makes you hatred and stress.
  5. Unhealthy foods. Some taking of unhealthy foods can cause body stress which this can makes you dull and lagging your work so you feel tension and anger to do work on time. so eat healthy organic diet so that, your stomach feel weightless and you can work actively.
  6. Greedy. And too much of desire and will expectation makes you pay more debts and loss of money and happiness which leads you more stress, family problems and danger.

There are many more like these situations which makes you in stress, since all good and bad is not comes without our decision. so, plan with good hope for your success.

How to relieve stress and anxiety?

According to our mind basis, all the situations looks bad, or good but situations will does normal in all day, but our mind how the way look and tackle the situation makes easy or critically seen.

So, what ever comes, just be calm up your mind and relax. Then be aware and understand your what’s up happening in your surroundings and be think how to act; and perform good with your ability.

Just ignore negativity and improve positivity .That’s all! be fine with your good results!! ;).

The 10 simple ways to ignore stress and anxiety are:

1. Just be relax in fresh fine morning. Wake up early around 6 am and take a deep breath fresh air.

Just close your eyes and imagine that your problems in your mind get free away while you exhale, and inhale fresh air with peaceful mind , in thought of ” I’m inhaling goodness and peacefulness happily into my mind”. do this for 5 to 10 mins.

2. Do some physical work actively in morning like, your job ,homely activities, simple exercise , walking and jogging. so that, your brain feels fresh and active.

3. Don’t hear any songs until you feel relax. Just look up nature in your surroundings and listen her sounds of birds chirping around you just feel nature at morning which you can see beautiful scenery and feels blissful.

The nature itself brings up your calm and peaceful to your mind, and makes realize you good morals about temporary life.

4. When any situation makes you in stress, or any work load, just keep calm up your mind in relax before you start to work. After calming up your mind, think how to perform to do , and which work is so important to do and which work is unimportant ,

like this way distinguish your work and discuss with your true good friends who guides you in problems, then plan it and start to do your work according to your schedule.

5. Don’t get mess up in your work. just do it in calmly and fast asap. Mark my words that, “the calm mind with strong hope and will with confident can do anything and breaks up all obstacles in easy manner”.

“Don’t feel bad for others opinion on you, if your mind feels good then there is no way for hesitation, just do it and perform well” and ‘Just ignore these people and their negativity!.

– Your well wisher

6. Improve your will power, that “i can do it , i will do it and i must do it”! let chant this as mantra all the time in your mind where ever you feel dull and losing of hope.

7. Don’t watch TV and videos’ in social medias, and twitter and FB just use it for informative

And relax but don’t use this for long hours, since many unnecessary bad recommendations of pics, and videos’ and all such bad advertisement makes you induce in bad mood.

So use all such modern techs with good purpose in limited manner.

Since discipline is very much important for improving positive vibes in mind, so be good and improve good habits and be limit your all bad ones and permit all good ones infinitely.

8. Be calm and happy minded always . Be with good smile, so that, people who meets you feel good with your fine smile and happy face and so, the people who with bad intention could not able to harm you in mentally and physically just they diverted from it.

9. Be friendly to all, and be aware of people in your surroundings since, all people have different intentions so, be aware all the time and

While practice with other third persons be cautious and observe them according to that, act to them. improve ability and skills of understanding the people.

10. Keep enjoy each day in part of your life with your lovable ones or in single happily. since we’re all have one life in once so let we use our life time for goodness with discipline.

With true good hope we can chose how the way we live in our life.

Don’t worry about losing a good chances, since each and every day we have possibilities of chances just we try to search without wasting our time. just be cool and keep on try to get your goals.

Peacefulness prevents stress and anxiety!

-Your mind.

Thank you all! my soulmates, have a peaceful life and keep improving positivity. 🙂

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