Do you have insurance for your soul ? ↝ Attaining to god .

      Insure your soul for god     

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How do you insure your soul? what does it meant? ya! its a mind blowing one ! know about exclusive facts, about the great relationship between our soul and god !!…

So, let’s enter into topic …The protection of soul against worldliness and travel through diviner of godliness and eligible for maximum possibility to attain god ! …

This is the one which meant to insure your soul like, your insurance plan,or policy in your job for family… 

So,you need to do something for your soul to connect with god ie., secure your soul from worldliness related like.,
   > body feelings,
   > love,
   > lust, 
   > jobs,situations which make us dwell into worldliness                                                          like,pleasure,desire,attaining goal with by pleasure,for happiness 
      and comfortness,
   > relationship with others, 
   > family, 
   > friends etc., in this world.

Since, we are all the true souls of children to god, which we are all immersed in this world by with our dominating thoughts of mind, which especially cause screened our eyes from divinity truth. 

This dominating mind make us thought of that, we are body with alive stream with feelings and thoughts…which make us to cry, happy, sad, desire, lust, love, kind, pleasure, angry, harassing mind etc., which make us to be kind like an angel also, make us very arrogant like an evil a toy, just we are playing each role in this earthy stage.

Apart from this, our soul is existing as source of energy for mind and body. It is the basic or king or we can say …ie., our soul have full rights to be as empowerment to body and mind. which we can feel our soul through by with our conscience, in subconscious and above subconscious level in deeper mediation.

By following spirituality, we can get complete feel as, we are soul.

So, do we insure our soul?   

  • We can insure by, following some basic good habits in our life which help to developing your,… 

                                      ➣ skills, 

                                       positive thinking, 
                                      ➣ strong mind,
                                      ➣ enthusiasm to attain good goal, 
                                      ➣ hard working, 
                                       self dedication,
                                       helping tendency,
                                       develop your mind ability into sharp mind etc.,

 by this, your soul can gain some basic ability to tackle problems in easily. 

  • Then, practice early morning mediation upto 4 am to 6 am upto your maximum level. 
                    ➛ This will charge your soul filled with cosmic energy from                                                    galaxy space.which will improve your higher consciousness in 
first level of spirituality. 

                   ➛ Will results the, understanding in deeply your surroundings,                                               problems, situations, which able to tackle in easy way.

  • Connect with god with your endless deep love with true faith.
                   With your dedication with endless love and without any                                                    expectation are all get imprisoned your god within your heart
filled with completely within your soul. 

                   This, results that you can feel endless peace and complete                                                embedded with joy of divinity. In this state, your soul has get 
                            eligibility  to not having any rebirth in this world which have a stabilized in godliness forever.   

  • Be live within divinity, by doing your duties in your life.., 

                ➛ This can insure your soul,form worldliness; which with secure with god
                any circumstances does not cause your soul and mind ability in
                     divine..which, it does not cause your divinity until you 
                                                  divert from divinity. 
                  Results, god is always be with you as good guide.., throughout in your                               life..until you attain your god in your own way… so, there is no need to be
                        afraid of any one of situation,evil, or any person. since,god is be with
                          you as high power existing within your soul permanently!… 

Thus, you can insure your soul with godliness through your God.This is the good to done for your soul.And so,you can able to improve your higher spirituality in easy manner.also, you can freed from all of your prison and feel a pleasant joyful of happiness with peaceful and complete enlightenment.

“Sharing makes one soul alive”!..


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