Do you want to heal your brain ?

Brain Healing

                            Tips to Heal Your Brain

                          “Healing your thoughts is best heal for your brain”

Many of us have a thought of controlling anger, depression, sorrow.. and anxiety , pressure in mind … which these are all makes our very mind distressful !…to make our mind feel relax ; let’s we follow some tips, might helps to heal our brain according to our wish!…

Our mind is embedded with full of past, present thoughts which it stores continuously, like a memory card chip!..

and, when we wish to relax or sleep we just notice that, automatically the thoughts of this present day and pasts, are all get arising and, out coming at once in uncontrollable manner!..
by this, we could not able to take rest with thoughtful mind! until we get natural sleepiness!…
Then,… Is it possible to relax with thought free mind?

yes, it is possible one!… which, the simple answer is ”MEDITATION”!.. by practicing meditation, you just skip or overcome all of your memories in past & present!…

At first, relax your mind. be quiet , by just closing your eyes, hold on your mind thoughts in their way…

Then, take a deep breath, and relax your muscles of their stiffness present in limbs of hands and legs ..let your back be sit straight on mat with relax manner..

Take little time, until you feel complete full body relaxation . after that, concentrating on your body to be feel relaxed ;

> try to control your breath slowly ( until you can able to stop or hold on your breath for 2 to 5 mins at your maximum level ).

Then, after controlling your breath with your confidence, try to connect your mind thoughts with your breath.

> ie., the amount of flow of air with certain velocity will be connected with your running thoughts by your consciousness.

“Meditation fades away the mind full of thoughts“

When you control your speed of your normal breath, automatically running of thoughts gets slows … by this trick, you can able to order your conscious to stop concentrating on running off thoughts, by diverting your conscious into feel peace , and concentrate on natural surroundings of their sounds like, birds chirping, feeling breeze of air, light etc., with closing of your eyes…

Automatically you can realize your, relax, peaceful are all embedded within your mind and freed from all of your memories, and thoughts .. get’s the black space of your vision with blank space of your brain…

After you getting this kind of black blank vacant space without any thoughts,… take a deep breath, relax yourself then.. slowly open your eyes.. feel your nature which surrounds you.

“Relax your mind by connect with nature“

And enjoy the beauty of nature with your vision , be have a happy to see your nature existing with birds, some small creatures doing some funny and naughty things..

With this your enjoyment, you can feel your mind with your consciousness that, it get filled with happy, relax, and enjoys every moment of free time without any disturbing of unwanted thoughts.

It just a simple practice of meditation, for mind relaxation and to get improve your concentration… take your own time until you control your thoughts,.. it doesn’t matter when you practice in morning or evening…

“fly your mind by free of thoughts“

When ever, you get free time, or holidays,.. if you want to be stress free mind, by avoiding off your unwanted thoughts, just do this, for a while.. and enjoy your own free time!!.. 🙂

Also, you can play some funny games, sports, and playing with pets which these will really helps to heal your brain from unwanted stressful thoughts!

physical activities, which also help you to diverting off your thoughts! And, busy your brain in interestingly with doing some things like,

hearing music,
and doing some research,
whatever, you’re interested to doing some things ,…

…, divert your thoughts by concentrating on your interest connected with your goal and ambition!..

…, this is useful for your nurture your future, and deep involvement with passion!…

…, it can, surely reduce your unwanted thoughts!

Thus, this heals your brain and will improves your concentration, thinking ability of your mind, skills & memory power etc…,

“Sharing makes one life colorful”!… 🙂

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