Does God is real or not?…

       Is God really exists?

Dear Soulmates, Greetings to all! 
Many of them have doubts and discussions about whether God really exist or not?… And May be,we have think about once in those days but,  we didn’t get into this deeply as we have a habit of running in between life with job’s, debts and family etc.,.. Now this time we have a grace of having lock down period so, let we spend some time to research over it!.. 
Do you know how was Term “God” introduced at first time?…Who the person introduced it?  Does God itself come over earlier in this earth to introduce himself?  Does God is human or alien?  Does he or she?  Why did he created all lives and things?…like these..,  Do you ever get these type of questions in your mind?.. 
Yeah,…I agree that’s not easy to answer ..ok , let we get enter this topic ie., ” GOD IS EXIST OR NOT “..
In before, we have look into the self-realization makes feel Godliness …that’s true one, “Which this self-realization makes us to feel stronger and give a proper proof for existence of God”!.. 
As, when we thinking of these questions in deeply, it makes us to go further research in reading those spiritual books and collect some information’s from any other monks or gurus or any spiritually people and makes further discussions over it again and again in order to find answers for these above asked questions!.. 
This serious of involvement makes us to realize the understanding the believers who those infavour of God.. And slowly getting under to makes us to believe on spirituality… This results, Like other believers of people we start to begin believe God without any thoughts and feelings just blindly makes us to believe with true hope God at first stage. 
“The true involvement makes travel into spirituality”!
We can’t have any proof in existence of God in physical world but,  we can feel and realize him deeper.  At beginning of truthful hope makes God attractive towards on your sights…and, when you do deep praying in this state, he started to making you to realize him in with his blissful.
We cannot see air, but we feel when it breeze on us… Which makes us a good feel know!.. Likewise, Our parenting God makes feel us that, he is visible in on your sight only, due to your trust and true hope. 
Which that makes you feel happy and deeper bliss which makes forgot and prevents all other worldly distractions.. And begin you to dwell deeply in love with God in devotion,  if you think to make changes you can’t do it ie.,  you can’t return to worldliness, that much of deep love and devotion makes connects stronger between you and God. 
So, that’s called true devotion which makes personal relationship with you and God!.. Ie.,  you can feel God and realize him , may be you can able to see him in your heart within your can chat with him and you feel God respond your chats and love.  Which that kind of relationship makes you and God having a good personal relationship. 
This makes you feel God and realize him everyday in every each surroundings. Makes you feel happy and blissful.
In with childish kind of state with devotion ,  makes person to feel and having proof in existence of God in with himself. It cannot be shown to others… Since,  God is eternal he or she but, God was crossing all over limits he do not have any limits and he crossed over time, space, world and fate. 
So,  do you think we can be prove him or her in this world?? Since, he is in eternal state,  and crossed over many limits and all!,  he is filled in all over atoms and lives in this world, space and time and all!.. So,  how do we do that?.. How do we prove him?… Since we are all live within him and he dwells within us!.. with his holiness we do are all running in our life with given freedom!.. 
To know about God we should attain equal like God’s ability when we attain spiritual consciousness we gain ability to attain God.  In this stage,  we can able to know and feel in deeper into deeper ie.,  we gain Spiritual enlightenment! 
Like a equilibrium, we have to gain spiritual consciousness in order to promote soulfully into godliness.. Like many enlighten people does.. To balance it! 
Ie.,  balancing between godliness and worldliness. 
In this state, We begin to get find all answers to unanswered questions!!.. In above asked questions also, we can get answers, when we eligible for spirituality!. 
Finally, One who is eligible for godliness Can have a proof of existence of God only known to himself!
You have a doubt with other enlightened  ones about,  how do they performed at past in making believe of God to others?.. See,  Without any permission of God none of any enlighten people doesn’t make any proof of God or any other spiritual powers to establish to normal people!.. Since, All enlighten ones don’t like to do that unnecessarily. Since they all know what, how and when to do and all!.. Since, they do not prefer for it since, they are all prefer to be in deeply in love connectivity with God in eternal bliss in eternal state! 
They makes believe people on God without establish or showing any miracles or powers!! per divine’s rule, they just performed it in normally by following worldly way of fate.. With God’s bliss and blessings, their performance makes good response from people and makes good results in future!.. That’s the truth!!.. 
Lastly, you all known from this blog,  what the truth about God and how do we feel and all!.. 
Let’s we make more discussions in future,  about spiritual and knowing the truth what it is.. 
Until, Be stay tuned for future updates!! 
Thank you all! 

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