Easy earning tips for house wives ~ Money Making Ideas

How you can earn money from home

In this modern period, many of people were suffering for their basic needs with lack of money… to over come this, many of men and women are all trying to earn money from home for leading their good life with needed comfort.
Generally ,As house wife it is difficult to manage her family for their needy also, for their certain personal things they have to depend or beg money from her husband this is so bitter one! 
which she have to face lot’s of problems ,sometimes get dishonored by her husband or by his family members etc., 
As a women, she need safe and secure life. this is basic need for all girls and women’s;
some may have a better jobs to lead their life in good way.. but most degree holders and uneducated one.. they are all struggle for a good job to lead their life with good safe,secure and comfortness. 
There are some basic ideas., for all house mates to make easy money form home
                    by this…,        
                                     >  You can earn your own money , 
                                     >   And can lead life with respectful, 

                                     >   Freedom, 
                                     >   Problem free good life, 
                                     >   Can lead your family by own,
                                     >   Owing with help of self confidence , 
                                     >   Develop your specific skills.
At first,some may feel hopeless,by crushing with their mindful of thoughts.,and creates discouragement,fear..etc.,
Any way,.. leave all of your unwanted thoughts. Make yourself to be confident; Then,take your own time to decide your own good favorite career which you can able to done in easy way.
Then, discuss and get some ideas with your friends,family who are all already experienced in earn money by home itself. Surely, you can get idea to decide your good job! be hopeful!…to make money…don’t leave your carrier at any cause,be confident!

1.You can be a tuition teacher:

                                                📙 If you were a degree holder, or interested in extra curricular activities, you can start tuition by in your home itself, by scheduling your time; teach which your learned or interested in most. Like, art&craft class,painting, dance,singing song,music etc., or teach subjects which you were in well being. 
  • As your wish,you can choose your own fixed amount as monthly payment to your students.
  • Be truthful, and hopeful to your job and for your students; this truthfulness which improve your better life,also this is your good fixed job can extend upto years well.

2.Pick some pic’s as photographer:

                                  ➧  Work as a good photographer in your home studio which you’d like most!..visit some places during your family vacation, or with friends or family tour, enjoy with nature by taking some best excellent pics with your super best lens camera with high clarity.. so, you can get clear good photos which you make favorable one!…
                                ➧ Then, upload your good photos on your own website login or linked with popular sites,by add your photos in printrest,pixabay,google images etc., with by added some useful quotes,moral tenses..which attract your followers by this , with help of your net banking you can easily get money through by your famous pics, offered by your google or which one you linked with it!…
                                ➧  According your pics you can get more followers or popularity which this can certified your site by google,etc.,
                                  Or you can make your photos as photo frame then sell it in famous photo shop or you can create your own visiting room or hall for visitors with arranged with your best photos ,by this you can make money… if you become famous one,by this method you can by paintings from painters and improve your good business ..



3.Become a popular writer:  

                               > If your were good in writing skill., you can build or knitting your own interesting stories.., articles.., in magazines, ..publishing as books,.. or as create your own web page site for your best publishing articles about life science, home, food, diet, health, yoga meditation, daily updating news, social media..etc.,
                                  > As author, you can own with your creations with full rights.

4.Train yourself as best tailoring, Home parlor:

  “This is one of best and good idea and trending one!!”  
  • As Fashion designer Show your special skills in embroidery, in stitching, make your own as best designs!!.. 
  • As Tailor; you can also, teach this for students;  also, create your best fashion dress designs and make photos then, upload your dress with great designs and sell it in online like amazon, flipcart etc., 
  • As Beautician, you can make home parlor, or natural parlor for both genders..as your wish, make more styles and modern fashion who loves in more..also., upload your creative makeup photos, hair styles, nail art, in your website ..by this also you become popular, and so., you can earn both in your website also in your parlor!… 

5. Work as blogger:

                                           Spend daily an hour to work with your site. post your creative work as articles, news and posts some images like visiting places about your experience, etc., which your were interested in most .
 But don’t copy from any one of sites for information, images , in google etc., since it regarded as copyright then by through verification, blogger site may chances to block your posts of site totally. so be careful for images, and take pics from pixabay which it make free use and free for commercial use not attribution required.
 Which this tense is shown in each and every image so, note this before you downloading image some times these words are not shown..which is regarded as copyright!..
 You can see more posts of many bloggers for your reference. by your experience of knowledge and creativity is best for blogger use.

6. Make your own creator studio in YouTube :

                                                           You can create your own videos,video clips, as movie creator, about your most interested one as recipes, introducing new in life science what ever which you are most interested!!… create your videos then, edit it using movie maker and post it … “DON’T COPY IMAGES FROM GOOGLE” 
You can also, refer other channels in YouTube for your reference. your earning would be credited after make some verifying your channel as good one ; it may take some months for verify your channel. 
 Uploading your daily videos are eligible to get 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours of your daily posting videos are get good verification and money. after you eligible for earning money , you can upload video once in a week . but, uploading videos at least 2 days once is good for good earning.
This,easy useful tips make easy earning money from your home itself. wish to be good earning for your best life..😀
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