Have you ever bored in lifestyle?


                            Let’s enjoy by meditate

Bored in life? let’s look out some fruitful tips!… 
then, lets we found a way of interesting journey with god!!

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In this earthy life , all people might being go in one way path of earning money, savings, and comforts of modern technologies, delicious food..etc., but , we have noticed in some time, that similar things might be repeated in our life time !!…

which, morning having breakfast , office or work time , then lunch break and returning home, then … fresh up and take some snacks…after while playing or some in busy in with lap work studies..up to bed time …these are get repeated through out in our life … which makes us to not live in stress free manner… taken up our life time whole the year… after when we thought of our happy days , we could find out some of few days makes us more happy…but, in all ,, all of people need to live in dependence of money. so, this makes catch up our freedom .. and inner peace!! in modern life..

But, there is a thing to escape form stress creating matters ,, without any stress we can enjoy our duties and can perform it in excellent manner. So the thing is meditation only..

SO..WHY WE ARE USING THE TERM MEDITATION? all of one says ‘meditation’ is purpose of stress reliever. also, it makes us to enjoy the eternal love and peace with interconnecting with god. let’s know it in deeply..

Meditation is a practice of knowing about reality based truth.!!

Let’s know about interesting facts about meditation:

Meditation keeps us calm . relax, stress free .. and learn us to feel nature.

In meditation we can know to analyse our thoughts , feelings, and get to change our mind mentality.

By this we can analyse our mistakes, what we done, then we can get truth about problems which makes confused us … and get a way of thought about it .

so, we can correct our mistakes further occurred in next minute .

and so, we could able to done our job correctly. by analysis, checking, noticing , and by improving our knowledge or updated regularly basis of our job in day today life… each and every minute, we can move our life in perfect manner.

then, we can able to get higher position, popularity, and many of things get makes our life interesting and challenging when we move on next higher level . so be in cautious at this higher position in life..

                        “The popular one says , Meditate until  you change yourself “

also, meditation teaches us to interconnection of our knowledge with subconsciousness..which can be seen unknown reality of world. then, it makes us to connect with god soulfully.

many of things get let to know to our consciousness before it occur in life , in deep connecting to meditation many of brain cell get have an ability to store extra thoughts and makes in deep interconnection with soul,mind,body just we can feel that through by practicing meditation regular basis accordance to spiritual rules.

Just we want to practice meditation on early morning and evening at 4 to 6 am and pm it is the best time for meditate so be just practice for an hour it enough to do it in keenly with deep concentration..by interconnecting with god through meditation by self dedication to lord one who can easily achieve in their life and can enjoy the divinity, spiritual enlightenment throughout their lifetime..

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