Have you heard of spiritual science?

Divinity shows the right way

Do you know about spiritual science? .. so, what do you think of it? …Is it about science which relates with spirituality ? (or) spirituality relates with science?..!! let’s know about interesting things about it!…

Science is about experiencing of physical experiments which deals with nature powers like.. thunder, electricity, time, space, force, radiation, atoms & molecules, living being, force, and deals mainly about 5 main basic elements existing as nature like air, water, fire, atmosphere space, and earth. which these can be feel it also seen ..so,then it can be proven basis upon transform into one energy form into another form .

Eg: ice solid can be melted into liquid state of water, and electricity can transform into heat an light energy.. etc,..

Then.. what is spiritual ?

SPIRIT: > Is known to be unknown energy form which has its own ability to move anywhere , but it could not consider to be living being and cannot be seen!..and also, cannot easily proved with naked eyes or by with any form of energy!! since, It is all have possessed and embedded within it!.. therefore, it cannot able to control by 5 elements!! which is known to be called it as “SOUL”.

RITUAL: > Is mean relating to or done as a religious or solemn rite. therefore, spiritual means, The unknown soul which can be proved or can able to realize it in by religious action which prescribed by ancestors …

> And, which can able to connect it with divinity by godliness in a proper way of actions like… meditation, yogam, yoga,breathing practice(Pranayama) which these practices which can able to realize within ourselves as we are all ‘soul’ or ‘soulmates’ are all similar to god!..

SPIRITUAL SCIENCE : > By through practicing of both learning earthy related skills,and spiritual knowledge !!…so, we could compare the reality on earth connected with spiritual divinity of love and godliness..just, as like scientists, we could able to know the reality of truth and realizing god,

> And knowing about nature connected with divine in purpose of knowing about us that who we are ? and our purpose and aim in this earth , is to in search of god, self dedication, self realization, love kinded to all of living ones of our soulmates, at finally to reach endless lord!!

             “spirituality shows truth of reality , make in connect with godliness”

For this, we have to make some important decisions like fixing some goal or aim, which it could change you and your life as colourful!..(following spiritual rules, good habits, develop your higher consciousness , practicing meditation and follow some extra spiritual practices in with guidance of spiritual master or guru.)

Thus, spiritual science which make us to know about earth and its, inter relationship with universe , cosmos or cosmic power or energy, and make some ideas to research and discover new things beyond our modern period of science which taught it by scientists.

> These scientists, which they have a goal to discover something at modern period of time, so they use their brainpower in with help of cosmic power, they can unable to arising of such amazing thoughts which could make us remember them by their discoveries..

> Just by keep their mind in one and only with full concentration to their goal with help of meditation since meditation keeps our mind in concentrate in one way..

* By learning this,.. we can also able to achieve like them!!…be confident, and don’t give up your goal at any cause!!…wish you all best of your successful goal!!…

“The truth of reality is spirituality or spiritual science”

Sharing makes one’s life full of blossoms !..

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