How does meditation changes your life?


Benefits of meditation

Do you think anytime… about, how well meditation does makes our ability to change our life?!!…it’s looks something fishy one know!!?…let’s we investigate to learn about it!…
You know well about meditation which keeps away from problems, stress and more and more… so, how it works ? and how does it makes problematic life into problem free life? let me explain about beneficial facts about meditation.
 I hope, my experience will helps you to know about clear way.
The 5 basic benefits which we can easily determined are:

1. Improves motivational thoughts:

  • When we get depressed ,worried about hurtful situations, our good conscious mind make induce us encourage to motivate our self confidence.
  • By this, you are swing between mind and conscious and debate , analyse yourself . this self analysis make you to know clear way to solve problems, realize your mistakes and induce you to make ideas.
  • This results, you to take perfect decision and good courage , self acceptance , patience . 
  • Also, with this you can reduce your mistakes, bad habits, behaviour and make you to clear way of understanding situations; based on this you can improve your will power.

2. Gives business ideas:

  • With by your continuous practice of meditation, your way of attaining goal will be easier. When you’re in one way of concentrating your goal or improving your motive and to get success in life or attaining higher position ,etc., what ever your aim , you can able to get more ideas based on your goal. 
  • Meditation which improves your knowledge, self analysis, and make you to take perfect decision .This, will improves your good ideas based on your job, business, education in exam preparation etc., 
  • This good perfect ideas, makes you to decide with by your confidence , consciousness which you can believe that your decision work out successfully, and makes you in higher position, in your life So, with this your good ideas, you can attain your good goal.

3. Peaceful life:

Also, this will initiates to be always in peaceful which prevails within our consciousnesses. This, peacefulness makes our mind in stress free manner, and reducing the unwanted diverting thoughts which runs through in mind. and, make our mind always be fresh, pleasant joy in concentrating one way towards leading through higher position in life.

  • Results, to make our life smoothly, which we can tolerate, face bravely, and move our life in perfect manner.
  • And also, this will make us to feel avoiding or not interested to take part such crowds, noisiness, unwanted speech, chatting with others and just it make us to move in peaceful, pleasant joy and make interested to feel pleasant divineful bliss by concentrating through divine nature. 
  • Which these results to be lead our life in pleasant peacefulness, and by with self sacrifice, dedication and supportive of divine god, we can overcome many difficulties, and obstacles in easily. this will makes our mind in balanced state without immersed in worldliness.
  • By without immersed in worldliness, we can enjoy blissful of our divine love, and pleasant joy in each and every minute; which this makes us to travel to attain our god permanently by avoiding our next rebirth.

4.Realizing truth &Take problems in easy manner:

  • Sincere practice of meditation, improves soulful knowledge this will make realize you to see the true truth of the world, and the all creations, living beings, human relations between in families, galaxies in space etc.,thus, this will makes you to travel in spiritual path knowing all are just temporary life filled atoms which do not exist permanently throughout in life.
  • So, by this your soulful knowledge , you just take easy in any problematic situations, and if any one does harm you in physically or using his harsh words, you just not take in seriously, since you know about truth of universe and its laws… so with this you just avoid these persons easily in common with patience… you can handle him easy, and your all problematic situations.
  • If, you are facing big problem in your family, or in your work related areas, as already you realize that you’re soul, with soulfully interconnected with divine, you can just feel these big problems are like small dust particles , which you can blow it easily with your divine knowledge. 

5. Your good wish can be attained easily:

  • With your good equity, if you’re wish to attaining something good; your wish will taken by god and he will fulfill your wish.
  • If your wish should be in, not harming others, and does not harm your soul to embedded again in worldliness. since, if your wish related to things in world.. which this will makes you to attracted towards worldliness and with diversion of divinity. This, would make bad deeds for you so, be aware of that!..
  • Also, by this meditation makes you to be aware of something which you pushed towards worldliness. if your love towards god are being strong and truthful, and selfless… our god doesn’t makes you divert, and he always be care and protect you.
  • If your wish are attaining towards endless god , your this good wish will be fulfilled by god after you completing of all your duties in this world.


These benefits are cannot be attained easily until you pick up meditation and spiritual practice in sincerely with deep interest, deep devotional and by with keen concentrating, without any diversion!!..HARD WORK IS IMPORTANT.
Also, at initially you will get more diversion and worldly illusion make test you how well are you continuing in your spiritual path or practicing meditation. and attract you by your desire, pleasure, love, sexual desire, and with your anger, lust ,and by your bad habits , bad behaviour , bad character… so be careful!! and be aware !!.. since,…

KNOW THIS ALSO: …this modern time era… doesn’t makes people to follow divinity and attaining god by with their self soulful realization. and it makes all to follow bad deeds and its aim is to do not all souls to be live with good equity till their death… so, it just inducing these feelings of human upto greater extent which this uncontrollable human feelings make as social crimes…still now are continuing with your sight !!…
So, no evil, deed nor era cannot able to near your shadow if, you’re in interconnected with god! even if you’re stay in worldliness with inter connectivity of god none of them cannot able to disturb or cause you!! this is one of your soulmate’s truthful experience!!…

If, you’re willing to practice deep meditation, or  follow deep spiritual path, surely you will need good truthful spiritual master or teacher…since, until their guidance, none of them cannot lead their higher position in spiritual path in easy manner. In deep spiritual path you can experiencing higher in higher soulful ,and divinity experiences etc.,… 
Be have a good day with divineful bliss!!…
sharing makes good one to spiritual one!!..:)
Abinaya baskar

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