How early morning keeps you to maintain healthy mind & body?

Early morning makes you feel good

Many of us feel difficult to wake up early morning since we feel good comfort at the time when we wake up at early…which we feel sleepy,lazy,and some tiredness make us to encourage need for more asleep…oh! what a feel!!..😴 


Hmm…. it’s feel good to sleep more upto 8 or 9 am know?!…:) 
But, more popular persons and more people who are lead their in successful way… they always used to say one thing commonly is early morning work!, what’s in it? let’s discover it!…
Wakening of early morning, makes to feel fresh and active … since, yesterday’s work,stress and thoughts,memories are all get refreshed when we asleep!!..

“Early rise makes our body healthy”!

See, our brain is similar like our CPU computer the refresh of CPU makes computer work well , likewise, our brain needs sleep to get forgot unwanted memories and thoughts and make clear and fresh when we wake up in early morning!…
At early morning when we read for exams or practice meditation , any kind of work what ever you do so.. which you can get good concentration on your work so, you can finish it off clearly!..without any remaining…also, you can memorize at that time easily, develop good interest and your work get success.
So, why should it happened at specific time? since, awakening of early morning at that time the fresh air and good cosmic energy from galaxy are filled surrounds with us!…
So, when we wake and take a deep breath of fresh early morning, our brain get start to gain some cosmic energy which already surrounds with us! with our charged brain we can done our work perfectly with full concentration,thinking ability,memorize and good action or any kind of activities.
 Or when we wake at time 6 am, the energy and fresh air get lowered or loss their ability…and so, we feel at that time laziness, and our activities are all not felt like good one!..
And so, we could easily affected with stress, emotions, and work burden which could not take it in easy or not tolerable one!…


  • Make sure to yourself confidently that.,” I can able to wake up early morning”.then, place it your alarm which near to you!..if you were strong minded person you won’t need any clock to wake you, so you can wake yourself!…


  • order to your subconscious mind to “wake me up at early morning” repeating your order sincerely upto 5 to ten times by closing your eyes…then, start to sleep at early at 8 to 9 pm.


  • Before you going to sleep, drink one liter of water. since, it can urge you to pass urine and wake you at early morning!…


  • If you are eager to attain your passion or goal, make fanatic to yourself!…and make you strong minded person until you achieve your goal; make sure that you won’t have any rest time until you attain successes.
  • So, with by your eager,fanatic,deep interest surely you can wake up at early  morning.


By doing meditation in early morning you can get double of your cosmic energy from space. this can change your mind and body healthy ,feel active,young, glowing off your skin which makes positiveness always be surrounds with you.
Your brain get changed which gain ability to memorize within few minutes.


Improves your knowledge, activity, extracurricular activities, skills, which you won’t feel any tiredness…and be fresh and active.
Early morning exercise make your body fit, and your energy will be in throughout your body which makes your body healthy one!

  “Rise your brain in early rise!”…

Also, by taking some healthy fruits and nuts and raw carrots and fresh milk salad or fruit juice at morning 8 am after your early work, makes your body healthy and improve your good immunity.
At early morning take some healthy fluids which cleans up your body… taking water, is enough to cleanse your body.. then, you can start your work. after that, you can take morning tiffen or breakfast like salad or oatmeal in limited one,, your stomach feel light and comfort which makes you to active and work quickly.
By this, your day always be starts with positive encouragement with cheerful, active and face or tackle your problems or stress in easily , show up your skills, improve your supportive of higher people, then good one’s always surrounds with you!… 
So, don’t miss your valuable time!! at any cause!… which this one makes you to flourish bright in your future!!…
Have a great day in each and every morning!…
Start your great day with good sharing!..:)

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