Can meditation makes emotionally connect with god?

Meditation connect with God ?

Meditation helps to improve strong connect between your soul to God. But, before improving in meditation we should develop dedication with deep love on god.

Initially, done with meditation may cause bored to you if you’re not doing with sincerely, If done with sincere can able to concentrate at particular point and able to control your mind.

But without devotion, only with simple meditation can’t connect with you and god emotionally. Just, you can improve your brain skills, ability and consciousness.

But, for connectivity b/w you and god, is in your hands… yes! in a young age automatically makes a person who falls love on girl. likewise, we should get fall in love on god on divinely basis not with sexual desire. like a child, and mother’s love

likewise, we develop child love and show towards our motherly god. Since, in this universe the love between parent and child is wordless purity of love which it could not even say it in simple words easily… that much of love should, as we realize as soul as a child, show towards on our parent god.

What to do for love on god?

For, love with dedication the strong belief is important. not like a false belief . The how far you believe, makes how far you create connect your love to god.

Since, strong belief can makes achieve anything in this world. Without belief, no any other scientists, can’t achieve in their goals of inventing electricity, machines , technologies etc., So believe in yourself.

believe your dedication, love, sincerity, devotion which you develop for your god. With your strong belief you can show up your love towards on god, according to your wish, as in friendly manner, or as in child, or whatever in way.

To know, How to meditate? click below link:

Do god responds to us?

Definitely ! God responds to your emotions, if your emotions are in true. Since, he knows about you whenever you begin to try reach out him. So, be sincere, be true with your self dedication to God.

“True love makes us childish in front of God”!

– Soulmate.

By reading spiritual books you can get idea, about how to connect with god. The top spiritual masters who written their own experience in spiritual journey, And guides us to connect with god . kindly, you can refer their books for your better experience. click below link for.

Top Spiritual books please refer:

Deep devotion, makes easy meditation :

With love on god, we can do meditation easier by concentrating on divine light while in meditation; and can feel god, which we can realize in our heart, which this makes us immersed deeply in consciousness showing deep love on god, this makes us cutoff to feel outer environment.

Which we deeply immersed with divine love without any aware of surroundings.

This divinely love with meditation cent percent surely connect our soul to god with our emotional divine love.

“First, develop love on god, then you can do meditation”!

– As one of god’s child.

As like a scientist be research yourself, since in spirituality self developing is more important. So, improve your devotion, curiosity, interest in spirituality, and be strong in basics, which that can makes your God guide you in spiritual way.

TO KNOW : Steps for improving in basics of spirituality, please click below link for your clear reference:

Be hope on your devotion surely you can succeed !


Thankyou all my soulmates!:)

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