How meditation help to control mind

Meditation keeps your mindfulness

Have you ever tried to control over your mind? … hmm.. something hot?!! know?..
in this modern busy world we could not find our self in this rotatory life!!…we earn for family, we work for company or office for their development, we always be in thought of about these family, enjoy, comfort, work, job…but do we think about ourselves ie., not like as selfish.. but about wellness for your mind!…

many of us lost our mindfulness in these rotatory life… this results, to cause mental stress, problems in life, family and in work … which these accumulates and occupies your mind and gives lot of problems..

With ability to control mind we can easily balance our life…embedded with peacefulness and joy forever.

so, how do we control our mind?…let’s look out!!…

Read your mind:

                   ⥈  First know about yourself..that, what you are…and know that, how is your mind working, thoughts, and thinking ability… and how your mind tolerate tension, anger, stress, depression, etc., just watch how is your mind reacting according to situations, and feelings.

                     ⥈ Know when is your mind had been controlled over,…in some situations, your mind has controlled to certain period of time…But, flowing of river thoughts always be exists!.. 

Switch on meditate:

                      ⥈  Keep concentrate on what you love, or on god and focus to keep your thoughts on control their velocity… when you catch up your concentration like a fire, surely you can able to control your mind.

                      ⥈  Be have a practice it on early morning 4 to 6 am… it is best time to keep concentration on meditation, and you can easily overcome your thoughts and can travel through within your mind keenly. If you’d like to keep focus on god surely he can guide you!…

Hmm.. it’s fine,.. but how do you say that, meditation works??..let’s see..

meditation help to control mind:

  •  Meditation helps you to control your mind by through based upon your involvement , interest and keen concentration on attaining your peacefulness of bliss of joy!…Daily routine practice of morning meditation, will automatically guide within your consciousness with help of your divine nature.
  • This meditation can feel you as purity like divine, and it always induce your peacefulness within your heart and prevails in your inner deep consciousness, so, your mind will be controlled by with your conscious .
  • It induce subconscious mind to activate your good habits, and well memory power, ability , skills…etc.. and your all wellness and goodness, godliness are all get comes to your soulfully with embedded through divinity.
  • And this meditation helps you to feel nature, and it induce your divine feelings, which it makes you to avoid crowdiness, and unnecessary chatting with your friends,which you would like to be alone to keep up your mindfulness.
  • Also, this meditation will be always be continued and followed whole of your life, this makes you feel complete peacefulness with divine bliss will be always be exists permanently, no one or any thing cannot be destroyed your peaceful, … this true purity filled peacefulness gives you divine power, and you can get ability to see, reach and speak, get interconnected with true bond of your love with your god .

Be always in mindfulness:

Do you know about mindfulness? it’s a new one to seen in meditation now a days!…OK.. let’s get into the topic!..

what is mindfulness? 
                      => It is the state of aware of something at present, and future which based on past situation, ie., if you’re hurt with fire at past, so at present and future, you will be always be aware of fire, and when you get chance to face fire.. you can be handle it in easily…similarly, it just a state of complete awareness about your life of all situations.. and being concentrate to attain your goal successfully…throughout your life.

How to be mindful?

                    => Just,.. being concentrate to be aware of what you’re doing at present work…and analysing your activities before doing, and its effects, based on this you can be just aware of your mind, and its ability, handling situations…overcome all challenges in your life … easily.

How it works? 

  • This mindfulness help you to develop your ability of meditation and ability to control your mind!… with this you can attain your good wish what do you like most!.. 
  • It helps you to plan your way of attaining goal, and it induce you to do your given works, jobs, skills to complete it in perfectly so, you can get good impression from your office, education, etc..,
  • This can induce your capability to control your feelings, mind thoughts, and can help you to lead your life successfully!…

Hope you get some good ideas, about mind control ,have a good life full of blossoms!…:)

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