How mindfulness help to relive from anger and lust

 Mindfulness removes your bad feelings.

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Are you the person who get often suffering from anger and lust? and wish to get relive from this ? don’t worry!!…be confident!…it’s all get fine!..ok!..

First, relax your mind , and get free from your stress ,depression and inferiority complex…just relax yourself. keep concentrate by reading these some tips, which help you to relieve from this disease!…

The important eligibility criteria for mindfulness which help to avoid your bad ones..they are,..

  • Mind should be relax. avoid your unnecessary thoughts,.. since this might induce to stress again.for this, induce your peaceful,and joy by visiting nature scenery, playing with kids and pets…but avoid watching TV , Video games and using mobile phones… just relax with your surroundings of nature.

  • After you feel relax, try to divert your mind in good way of thoughts…like involving in interested activities like drawing, painting, and be have a thought to get success and to reach higher level in your life… so,.. just plan and think what you have to do for your family ,economy, good impression…etc.,like these you have to divert your mind in completely on your future planning and you favorite ambition, habits…developing life skills etc…, this results…your mind embedded with good thoughts and it get forgot to remember your bad feelings by continuous involving these activities…and it you feel comfortable with your good one.

  • Be mindful always… have a vigorous thought of removing your bad habits and behavior, and anger, lust…such things totally have a deep note on that!…you always have to remember thought of removing such bad ones…by hate your bad feelings…totally with complete hatred… so,..develop your hatred on your bad feelings…for that, with your hatred, your have to involve seriously in search of good ones … and  have a eager to develop your learning and following good habits and behavior…like these good ones..totally bad ones are all get removed by your mind.

  • After, you feel that your mind of thoughts get cleared, the next one is heart… at heart these bad feel may deposits to express itself to prevent this..and avoid totally you have to practice meditation experience in order to remove your bad in your heart. have a passion develop your interest to practice, have zealous mind to avoid your bad and develop good ones totally.

  • Try to busy yourself by involving your good skills, and social service, visiting temples , researching about ancient inventions and behind of its mystery, also, involving such activities  which you feel relax and comfortable. by this, your mind in one way of direction keep in concentration on your interested one t do so…then, automatically you may not be able to induced with your bad feelings.

  • Please avoid usage of phones and TV etc., … and other gadgets…just, use it for important purposes for your phone calls.. not used for any entertainment purpose… once you switch on to watching entertainment videos automatically the bad videos are offered which this can cause to induce your lust feelings…so, try to use your phone and other gadgets by without inducing your bad feelings…use it for good way surely , you can develop your good ones based on how well are you using your gadgets in right way!…

  • Mindfulness with divinity surely impossible for none of any bad ones cannot able to exists within your mind and heart… both of them are get pure and you feel divine peaceful bliss..all time!!.so, try to connect with your god with your good passion , love and have vigorous thought to attain him , and set it as goal to attain complete divinity…with continuous daily spiritual practice, like mediation, yoga with by guidance of good and true spiritual master surely … you can get complete success in your life…

  • Finally, you may get many and many obstacles,… to reach out your good ones…and your goal. so,at any cause don’t leave your confident motivate yourself and keep try again and again until you reach goal . travel with your goal in with faith in god.. surely he will help to guide in all obstacles!!…

Have a good life with divine bliss!…:)

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