How physical fitness makes your mind’s ability?


    How Your Physical fitness develops brain power

Generally, many of us do some little exercise , then we start our day with our normal duties.. At any time do you think ,about purpose of doing these exercises? …any way, but many of people might to be know or not …so, let’s we discover some new things related about it!…

“Physical fitness makes your stressful mind into tenderness“…

You know, about yoga , exercise which makes our mind in stress free manner! how? do you have any idea?…

See, these, exercises and physical activities are all … makes our mind in concentrate on it in one way! .. and by realizing with physical in with connectivity of mind, without any diversion , we can able to feel some relaxing and stress free .. also, you can loss your weight and keep your body fit!

If, you are just hearing some music when practicing exercises , your mind will get diverted so your mind energy did not flow in a manner , results to be have a chance of stressful mind.

ie., the flow of mind concentration into physical body which tends to passes the mind energy …it just like brain power, aura etc., which this can able to feel your body , and repair , an heal your unwanted pain, muscular pain then, it can also , boosts your immunity ,
and so, you can able to free from all body related distress, also your mind keeps stress free.

> The inter connectivity of mind and body , get results, to preventing of diverting unwanted thoughts , ability to increase concentration, mind power, blood flow in brain will be improved good!, this can make your brain keep fresh and active , thus, it prevents the drowsiness and sorrow, laziness.

> At the time of follow this in regular way you can able to take limited amount of food until your body accepts to eat it! also, you can’t able to take more of junk and fatty foods according to your mind thoughts! this make automatically body will rejected your favourite unlimited junk foods!..

> Since, the inter connectivity of flow of energy gets healed !!…,

Or, gets stops by unwanted junks, unhealthy foods, and so, you gain again your laziness, imperfection on all of your duties,
And your behaviour & habits are all get totally changed!.. so, be aware of taking your favourite one! ..

Limited amount of junk, drink or any food is good and enough !
But, unlimited is dangerous one, which will spoiled your way of habits and character and lows your ability of mind!..

“Positiveness create one’s ability of good mind”

Why this is to be done? .. since, our body will changed according to our perfect good habits and mind full of positive thoughts, with good character!…

by this , the flow of good positive energy in with concentration of doing physical exercises which it keeps our body healthy and get to avoid unwanted one to body,
also, it will change our body into healthy one . like,.. looks young, fit, and healthy also, our face looks bright and clear,

and we do not feel any kind of drowsiness lazy, tiredness after working hard, we just stay with in active manner!… only by doing yoga and exercises..
And, our mind, brain activity will gradually get increased by healthy limited amount of food, and by following these exercises, yoga and meditation. .this can improves our skills, working job experience, to learn quickly in easy short way, and in examination we can get good results!

So, be follow your yoga, meditation ,exercises in good way!…with your good guide of conscience!

Sharing make one’s life full of blossoms !…

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