How punctuality makes you higher position in your life .

Time keep up which keeps you up!

We are the people who encouraging or spent more time in entertainment and enjoying , to feel comfortness… yeah!! we should accept that, Mostly we just hesitate to do our duties and felt boredom and hatred while doing such things… since, we are not like or ready to face stress, hard work, tensions related to job … so, we done our job without any interest and unhappiness. 

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But, we need to feed our goal for good life…in sake, hard work, punctuality, skill, perfect completion, neatness …are all such things important to have in our life..know..? 

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so, how do we tolerate such, boredom,hatred,stress related job? just, we should think for attaining goal for sake, we should sacrifice of such things which we like most!…

Since, neither be remained permanent in our life. All are just temporary one, our happy,joy,excitement,comfortness just all fake which it is not comes throughout till our death.

For, life with comfortness ,peaceful, availability of basic need is enough to live happy in this world! isn’t so?…


                                        In sake of attaining good wealth and rich life filled with comfortness and happy, and to be shown everybody to be rich, many people are behaving like foolish to change themselves as greedy one.. 

For this greediness , they spent time too much for doing such bad things, involving in crime to such people.. which they are think about themselves only…

That’s foolish thing, because… according to a scientist theory , Newton’s third law of motion states that,for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction” this is not for only physical force, but it also suits for our deeds! 

 according to our deeds, our life will be travel in peace and smooth manner. Our greedy deeds which double up’s and returned to cause ourselves and our family. 

So, the good wealth which we attained through our greedy which is not retained with us in peaceful manner; always we afraid of others who steal off our wealth and money .. by this , we could not able to enjoy this wealth in peaceful manner which attained through our selfishness, bad habits, doing crimes…etc.,

By involving such things like, doing some good job, or labour, working hard etc., in good way of earning money is cent percent good for our life..

since, it is really good for leading good life, even though our earning is less, it is quite enough to fulfill our basic needs .. also, it gives us joy, peaceful life without any afraid of stealing or afraid of our conscience, bad deeds etc.,

so, we just lead good and happy, pleasant peaceful life.🙂
Time is Life

Having good goal is enough to induce punctuality:

Be have a practice to choose a right goal . have a good passion and intention to attain your goal.

This will keeps to induce you higher order good habits, behavior, and you can be with your good character.

Also, it induce with by our conscience to do our work with punctuality. and our good mind  remind us which says to do not involve such unnecessary things which it drinks our time or wasting our time. Results, we feel bored and induce to get intense thought of attain our goal which we get to avoid our unnecessary things and keep involving to do our work properly.

Then,have a practice of completing day to day duties.., schedule your time for work and your enjoyment. it is good for maintaining your stress free mind.

To be work good and better, have a practice of meditation. which it keeps your mind in concentrating on one way towards your goal.

Order to your subconscious mind that “i wish to attain my goal in good manner, i can do it in punctually, at any cause i won’t give up until i achieve my goal successfully” say these words through in by with practicing of mediation which it really gives excellent results to keep your time, be punctual, and lead your goal in successful way.

we hope, you keep up with your good time for good goal.🙂

It’s a good time for sharing for others to be in punctual.


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