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Originality makes you honor

Do you think ever that you are truthful to your consciousness? ie., many people are get changed their originality of their mind in sake of their work place, also in family members which they always puts in dilemma that we’re in correct or not..
due to their situations, surroundings and situations makes all the people pushed in order to changed their originality to need some happy and peaceful life… in thought of  preventing problems and stress. 

with hiding their truth of their original character, they’re facing many problems and critical situations which may you feel suffer to come out of this problematic situations … which make them to induce you to show  your originality…


“character decides your ability!”

In with struggling between their true character and fake one, makes to cause problems in filled with stress, and this will reflects your bad energy which will creates bad situations, stressful job, creates family problems, bad habits, and behavioural changes etc., which these kinds stimulate to suicides, or damage many peoples life.

At first, you may feel happiness and joyful life with your fake character, but it’s not exist forever, since our truth of our original character, always will try to provoke within us. which one day surely by without your knowledge you just exhibit your true character unknowingly in normal…which this makes everyone to know about your truthiness!…

Because with your childhood itself, your mind have created with by collections of experiences and situations creates as knowledge to frame your true character at early stage… by guiding with by your elders, parents, teachers..etc., you just create your mind in good or bad way with practicing of good or bad habits and behaviour.

by this only your mind will grown with your true character which starts to exhibits at your teenage, and then, continuing for till the end of your life…in between you can correct your mistakes, and behaviour and change your original bad to original good character …as your wish …you can change your true character with by your good conscience.. by not just within a thought!…

“fake will hack you”!


Many people just acting like they’re good one by hiding their original character to others… but see. Our god’s laws is always prevailing to exhibit it’s true nature… so, none of other thoughts could not change these laws… so, at any time the black sheep have to be caught with truthiness…

so these acting, behaviour are all surely one day will come out.. which pin points your nook and corners of your character… at that time you surely felt, ashamed with by your behaviour, fake, acting. Etc., so, there is useless of your guilty feeling!!..but you have to know and realize what is good and wrong… at that time if you’re wish to be good one…  your conscience will guide and encourage you!..

Now.. you learned about your self…and which one is good and wrong by above para!..

also.. you have doubt about how to find our true character in mind.. let’s see!..

First, notice your mind and it’s thoughts… by closing your eyes in sitting, standing, lying on bed or mat what ever. Which you feel comfortable … take it ! and take a deep breath!… relax yourself some while and close your eyes slowly and keep watching your mindful of running thoughts… 

This will surely, makes you to astonish since.. so many millions of thoughts have running always in your brain!. Let it be!!…and, you will notice something will inducing you to do some bad deeds and makes desire , and makes you to kind, happy, joy, love, certain duration of time!! since, these are all induced by with your running thoughts!!

 “originality makes you perfect!”

This, will makes you clear way of understand your mind and thoughts!!… also, you can find your basic true character as what you are!!…by analysing your thoughts!

Based on your possibility of conquering more good or bad thoughts your basic character is ensures you!. If more good thoughts is conquering bad one and occurring to induce you to do something good deeds to others, or to make good, surely you’re consider as good person!…or whenever bad thoughts which conquers good thoughts and induce to do some bad deeds..

surely you itself consider you have bad character!!you can notice, that based on your thoughts always your conscience tells you to move bad to good one!

with this by your research, you can choose ,what to decide? how well to develop your will power, goodness and stress free life etc., with this your kind of thought makes you to understand clearly your life, situations, and ability of your mind, and correct your mistakes…and show a good way in guidance with your conscience!!…

Only, truth is always be exist, you have heard of many successful person like, Dr.Abdulkalam, Albert Einstein etc., have exhibits their truthful in whole of their life for attaining their goal!!..also, you can just notice with near of your surrounding of young, elder or child whoever have good behaviour and good character which their truthiness makes to establish them to other people as good person! not to make fame!

Finally, truthiness makes you travel in right path, your all good ones are arrived in your life because of your good character, behaviour and by your true loyalty…makes you enrich your life with colourful blossoms!!

Be have a happy life with your originality!.. 

“Sharing can create one’s originality!”


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