How to control mind in proper way ?

 let’s learn to control our charming mind!

Dear soulmates, greetings to all !

Many people possess something with their mind and moves together by carrying more running thoughts… over dosage of high speed lead to mental stress and struggle in between thoughts like which one is going to do at first? like, a confusion which leads to loss of healthy mind.

So, how to prevent these running of thoughts?

We cannot judge, that how and where our thoughts begin, since it doesn’t based on one situation and one experience, it is like a roadrunner which running with accumulation of more thinking, and experience through all feelings which altogether get runs at same time without any control. You can ask how this appear? yes, this can appear whenever a person lost his or her control over their emotions yeah… the emotions can appear through thoughts so, whenever we control emotions automatically can control thoughts…

so, keep avoiding feeding to your emotions ie., don’t give importance to your sadly emotions and unnecessary thoughts…emotions can also become controlled over any diverting your mood to happy or peaceful. 

But, mind full of thoughts is tough to control over it. To control it, we wanna have a special guts.


Then, how to eligible to control our mind?

At first, we have to train ourselves to tolerate physically, then automatically we can able to tolerate any kind of mental stress and torcher. Be first, to learn tolerate at physical situation like, all whatever you’ll get at current physical situation please don’t react suddenly just avoid negativity by simply moving with a good smile and say “thank you”. and if you get good ones also, without any over emotion just control your feelings and smile it and take it as it is!… and say “thank you”. 



don’t react! Be just calm and normal in all situation.

you know about yourself. so, you don’t’ need to prove or show up your attitude to others!! BE TRUE TO YOURSELF.


If, you can be a bold and confidential you’re eligible to control up your mind through meditation. 

For, controlling mind and for meditation we have to train up our mind like these improving positive thoughts. So that, we feel confidential ,and have a courage to face all situations… in this state, you and your mind have complete maturity. In this maturity stage only, you can able to do fine meditation in keep concentrating on one thing without any distractions of your roadrunner.


Be have an habit of awake in early morning 4am then, relax and fresh up yourself before you meditate, after then find your own place where you’ll get fine peace and quiet, suits for keep concentrating while you meditate. 

And, sit straight be in thought of holy divinely bliss, like heavenly delightful with spiritual joy in creating of your own interest you have to close your eyes.


Be keep concentration on him with deep divine bliss, just feel him in internal love within your heart and travel with him …bring an image on him just like a lucid dream… and begin to show up your deep divine love to your GOD, be touch and feel him . whatever your wish, you can do any kind of actions to show your love towards God. In this way you can feel him deeply which he precise and embedded within yourself.

At starting stage, you can feel difficult to control your mind and in divinely bliss day after day after, according to your deep involvement,hardwork and true faith on God, you’ll begin to feel divine in Grace of God. Our lord didn’t miss any chance to guide us, when we begin to travel towards him in spiritual way.

So, be confident on your belief! stay blessed. Don’t care of others whatever they say about your confident..IN BETWEEN YOU AND GOD NONE OF THEM HAVE NO RIGHT TO POKE INBETWEEN BOTH OF YOU.

And, have an practice of doing meditation in morning and evening at same 4 to 6 am and pm. Since, to cleanse up all of unnecessary thoughts and free up your mind, Be involve in both your job and be in with God.

Also, develop your good habits and positive attitude, avoid bad habits and bad companion. By these altogether results, giving higher range of enlightenment.


Be calm, stay blessed, and be move on with your practice.


Thank you, 



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