how to do proper meditation ?


For meditation beginners some tips might help you to guide in spiritual way in properly.

Basics for spiritual beginners are:

  • Improve your spiritual interest. have a passion and love your god .so, then automatically you can search to improve your spiritually.  
  • Be have a habit of good thoughts and follow good habits . 
  • have a creative mind and mindful skills so you can easily research scientifically and spiritually about god and so, you can able to discover many mysteries and unknown facts about soul and god , creations , unknown mystery about cosmos, galaxy and universe.(like a scientist you have to research in deeply with keen interest.) 
  • Positive thinking ,be a good motivator to yourself , analyse your thoughts , and feelings with that of good understanding you can find a right way to control your emotions, feelings, and thoughts while you meditate.


  • at last , at any cause while or in sad, or get diverted your way, in anger , doing unnecessary habits,get covered with  depressed state , etc., at any state… you won’t give up your deep devotion and faith on god since these are all get tested by your god whether you are qualify for higher state in spiritually or not. 
so, these are the certain basic things, you need to know, understand and,so you can clarify your doubts and can able to get answer for any spiritual related questions,appears within your mind.
For proper Meditation :
Meditation, is practice of traveling thorough deep and out of consciousness within yourself for overcome your body,mind,thoughts, and feelings to realize yourself and find that
 “who am i ?”  and purpose for birth and death, what’s our duty in this world ?, and to get complete enlightenment , and realize ,to attain god.{ this is suits for those having a keen interest in spiritually }
 generally, many people might feel some attraction in unknown god but they don’t know completely {it is a sign that these people will get attracted to god in spiritually}, and some will get in normal life is to, realize peacefulness and complete relaxation for stress free mind.   

The proper basic way for meditation is :

  • Have a habit of wake up early morning 4 am since, at early morning cosmic power is high at atmosphere and pure air , these will help you to activate your energy level of chakras. and practice for an hour meditate surely will get deep concentration and refreshment and so you can feel bright and active all the day.
  • keep practice of meditation twice a day at early morning and evening 4 to 6 am and pm. by this, you can able to stable with balanced state of mind.and must sincerely  follow tidiness and good habits. (since tidiness is way of godliness).
  • don’t get divert by your worldly duties ie., job,travelling and entertainment. by concentrate with your duty you have to be maintain your devotional thoughts on god.
  • do your job by keep faith on god. he will take care of you and your worldly duties. so don’t worry about earning money,debts,problem related with your family and etc.,so be have a deep love and  faith on him and speak with him, treat him like your best friend then, share your quires,happiness ,sorrow,etc., surely you can get excellent experience and happiness by this valuable relationship.
  • by this, you automatically guided with god!! then, you can do good meditation yourself without any need of another person. since, as parent god teaches and guide you by himself or spiritual master.               
Thank you guys,
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