How to face family problems?

       How to solve family problems?  

Dear Soulmates, greetings to all! 
All of us, having major problem in our family life. Instead of personal problems, family problem makes more worse. This can due to ego, stress, tension and misunderstanding and other related things of many other people.
Many parents and their children and many good relations are get disturbed by their misunderstanding. By  misunderstanding each other, which this can cause many problems get’s arised usually.
The most of the problems are get started through this misunderstanding concept. why this happened?
                         This is because, without understanding the other people’s situation (or) the people who without understanding  you, they just blames. 
i.e.., without any awareness of deep understanding of, “how, why and when?” with uncontrollable disturbance , the person get provoked, due to  disturbance of his or her personal feelings.
that’s not a problem at all! since, all of us having this misunderstanding nature,  And note that, With problems and their cause of defect only, we’re all get experienced to learn and read the other people’s mind and their situation. 
All problems makes good solutions!:
When we learned through our problems , and with self realization and knowledge of understanding the people, the person get felt his or her own mistake, accepting and asking forgiveness to other people.
This kind of people never again do their mistake , and they act to be aware of all in their actions and their situations. so, they are in clear way of mind thought with their personal opinions, actions, and their job etc., 
And they have a clear reason behind each of their actions. so, none of others make them disturb or creates problem since, they already ready to face , and have solutions with clear mind thought.SO, WITH GOOD KNOWLEDGE THEY HAVE A ABILITY TO OVERCOME ALL OBSTACLES!!
In arguing of such problems, the clear mindful person have a strong and clear judgement in their good will of charity. And they can easily solve problems with their own kind of nature.
since, from their experience they just learned what is good and bad, and how to act and all. With their own personal experience, they develops, good ability, skill, and good way of being, and character.  They know that problems are all unwanted and unnecessary one, so their thoughts is like to get problem free way of good life.
“look before you leap!”
So, when our mom or dad or our siblings creates problem, be just calm at first,
don’t act suddenly be think, what’s happen? and why and all , just be understand what is the situation and how to act just be think of it!

And then, start to show up your good opinion just try to justify your actions to your family, let you to be explain to your family about your past and current situation in clear way of manner, be move with them in friendly way of nature…make them comfort.
Even if you are personally get affected be first let them cool down and then, you can start to say your personal opinion and express your feelings. Why this I’m saying means, in order to decrease the level of problems since,
if you’re not be in calm while they are arguing and when you interfying your opinion with them, the problem get develops…see, in being the way of people expressing anger and argument there is no place for calmness in their mind, they just rapidly flown over it.
when they become calm, you can demand and argue with your opinion since, they can have a chance to get concern and think about you. 
You know about your family so, according to them or being understanding them, be move with them happily. be think before you express and be lead your family in good way.
If, you did mistakes be have a habit of accept your mistakes in front of your family members.. since, in beginning from birth you’re being and grown with your family.
so there is no need to hesitate to express your feelings since, they’re your family in with having rights in bond of love and caring so, Be remember this.
This acceptance makes you feel good and honourable to your family which makes them feel proud in with your good kind. Don’t let your ego or other bad evil thoughts allow in your mind since, This makes even worse makes serious problems.
if you allow them you have to face serious consequences. It’s better in being with good kind know!.. just be think of it, which “prevention of problem is better than facing it”.
This suits all kind of members who’re all suffering and trying to solving their problems…i.e.,
If you’re in that problem don’t get worry, Be straight forward to express your good thoughts like, Asking forgiveness in with your dedication. Don’t be hesitate to asking sorry since, you need solution and problem free life, you have to do this for your wellness.
Please don’t hesitate. And please don’t get take it as mistaken on your members. And be think before you act. Don’t get laziness for any other actions just be get act quickly to solve a problem before it develops. 
Be calm, and relax your mind while you’re in bad situation, be control yourself. be faith in your hope , try it and work hard until you get it. Be good with family and other members which makes them to follow you. 
And lastly,
“All problems that ends well!”
Thank you!:)

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