The 10 tips to improve your knowledge

 The 10 tips to improve your knowledge.

Dear soulmates, greetings to all!
The people who needs to achieve in their life, There should need to develop some skills and knowledge according to their goal.
Many youngsters, students, and many who is in eager to lead a life in good way of manner, are all still lagging with dreams instead of planning about their future, see dreaming can be easier than experiencing it in real life .
But many of people who does having dreams are all involving in their goals at initial stage after, When they are get hurted through in way of goal they just cleaved or get away form goal. 
Instead of dreaming, the right plan is needed. yeah! since, we can dream but after dreaming of how to flying high there is a proper plan needed to achieve it in good manner. When we start to plan and scheduled our time , There is a faith and good will is appear within us. And we ourselves begin to work with faith and strong confident which that will encourage us.
Ok! let’s know the 10 tips to improve our knowledge.
1. Avoid laziness:  
Be improve your activity. At least, try to wake up early morning and try to do some work usually in your day to day life, have a habit of improve this to avoid your laziness and, Don’t sleep too much!!
The how much will you active in work that much of activeness seen in your brain . So, be train your mind and brain in with active since, that will not makes you lazy.
2. Improve your good habits : 
Like, watering plants, bath twice a day, keep tidy in your surroundings. Wash your cloths, and try to keep your house and room clean and, Help others, respect others and be in with your good character.
since, cleanliness brings godliness”!! Once freshness and positive friends surrounds you that makes you to boost up your brain in good mood for working.
3. Be have a logical goal according to your situation : 
like, currently what you can do with this… Since,  many can we dream. But initially , try to make some arrangements for your dream.  Eg., for any recipe we do some arrangements and collect some things according to the particular recipe. likewise,  we should get ready and make some money or any other arrangements and collect some information or things something about related to your dream. 
Since, this makes us improve knowledge to reach perfect goal! 
” we can’t reach high at initially,  but we can reach goal by finishing each level completely “!
4. Plan what should  do in step by step
According to your dream or goal first, Be plan what to do next in each step. Put a chart and write your each step which this reach out to goal.  Take time for choosing right goal and take time for planning each level to reach goal.  
I.e..,  if you want to be a football player,
  • First, you have to physical exercise like jogging walking running practice for to get your leg stronger and
  • Second, you  have some healthy drinks with good diet for body fit for flexible.
  • Third, practicing your leg with football.
  • Fourth,  learn foot ball with good coach.
  • And at fifth, you can learn to play with team and finally you’ll play in ground in front of audiences with your team as a football player!…
Likewise,  for football player you have to overcome these 5 steps and stages… It can take time nearly for 6 months to per year for making good players similarly,
For your any kind of goal put like these steps 1 to 5 or 6 or etc., to reach your goal in proper manner. Don’t worry about past and wasting of time Since,
 “experience makes good knowing”! 
This experience with knowledge makes your way clear and you can have a clear mind,  understanding and confident to achieve with it! How much you experienced that much of deep knowledge you can gain it! 
5. Schedule your time with plans :
I.e.., Schedule your time in your chart like Plot the timetable for your day to day life activities include with your plan.
Be have a strong will power to achieve this…  Since will power makes your desire strong and creates self-confidence.
If, any school , college or office time we are get ready or prepare for it on right time know, likewise you have to be get ready for your work on time. So, don’t forget to keep up your time. Make your life valuable with using of time.
6. Don’t waste your time, Use your time for any good work :
If you have free time or more time after completion of any job just take time for your relaxation and then, use it in proper manner. Like, reading books, research about something good related your goal, or just be think about your plans while you in rest. Also, you can visit some areas or some friends , to get any ideas about your plans.
Which this can makes good will and confidence, results in making your  good desire on dream becomes stronger.
7. Take limited food for your diet, since more diet makes your brain laggy and sleepy.
Some foods like, snacks and junk foods and fast foods which makes you feel dull and laggy due to in taking above the limit. Any foods which one can take in limited that person can be in good healthy. Yes, health is more important than your dream. So, be take care of your body by taking simple , easy digestible diet.
It is better to avoid some junk foods and fast foods as well as possible. You can take fresh fruits and natural organic veggies … in your diet. Since, this makes your brain be fresh in all thought a day. So in any diet it is good to take limited which fill half of your stomach for good health .
8. Mindfulness makes you to understand deeply and improve your knowledge.
Try to avoid unwanted thoughts and stress in your brain be free and make it get away from your mind. For this, meditation is perfect remedy.
Since, when you concentrate at particular point in usually and following it in regular basis, definitely you can get rid of any bad past and unwanted thoughts … just be feel free with thoughtless mind. Since, empty your mind can have a chance to fill with good thoughts and good will which this can improve your good positive vibes from your inner deep consciousness.
 Stress can destroy your will power and confidence, pluck off your stress from your mind and keep you in relax .
The mindfulness makes to improve your concentration and improve your knowledge i.e., you can get deep understanding and aware about your current situation with this you can overcome all of your obstacles and create your own good way of attaining your goal.
So, try to meditate at least for half an hour . Try to visit any natural sceneries or any other peaceful place which you make peaceful mind.
9. Experience makes good knowledge. so, failure is not failure it trains you up:
All we’re get fall down in any particular point in our life which this failure makes our dreams damage which we dreamt and makes us full of loss in self-confidence which this will push into take bad decision to end up our life. Many of people and we and I’m also get into this situation, but my strong will saves my life without taking such wrong decision. 
So, when we faithful to ourselves that , 
“I can do it,
I will do it ,
 I must do it.” 
like this kind of strong will makes you to  refurbished yourself from bad situation. My school language teacher have taught this to me, when I’m in disappointment. which this good words makes me to recollect my self-confidence now at present. like this kind of any person makes you boost up your life as god’s bliss. So, don’t loss your hope at any cause. And try to speak positive words to others, make them happy as much as possible. 
So, be strong in your willpower even if, you loss of your dream ! since strong will makes you upgrade from past as best now at present day. Just try to motivate yourself. “Please don’t loss your hope at any cause.”
10. Let it go all your bad past and thoughts and let be in your reality:
Don’t feel and don’t worry about future and past experience, just be in your reality. since nothing will comes after death. this is the truth of reality in life that, nothing will be remain as permanent and nothing will follows us till end . all is like a drama act, like each we are acting in such particular characters. 
So, this is the real truth in this earth above all of the charity, above all goodness and all! be realize this and feel this… this is the only makes us to overcome all relations and all emotions and all past, Just let we move with our reality in truth in searching of what is our purpose in this earth, before our life ends let 
be purpose ourselves to others which make us good completeness in our end. 
AND….. that’s all to say! So, be realize the truth and be strong , be in your truth ,confident and, wish you all get success in your life and your achievement… please make your work useful for society asap.
“Good will makes good enlightenment”!
Thank you all!,
– AbinayaBaskar.

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