How to live with satisfaction?


Dear soulmates, greetings to all !
None of any people live without expectations… isn’t right? so, what makes your expectations??… for basic needs? or to live with royalty rich comfort?
For needed expectations for basic needs like, for shelter, for obtain good job and good food these are the one’s need so, that’s not wrong to expect these things for survival.
BUT, above the limit of expectations which makes one person goes to wrong way in order to attain it in any other way even the way is good or bad but he or she will be eagerly wait to attain it any other ways… so that kind of expectations is consider as bad or evil thing. since, that kind of persons would be in selfish, unkind, greedy, cruel and happy with other’s sufferings. Whether, they may have  defected from their past life with unsatisfactory.
These mental depression from unsatisfactory life, is due to their more expectations. See, whenever they could not attain their satisfactory life they become more disappointment, and felt stress and become anger …  even if the person is good he or she resembles like bad to other person.
Many middle class families, are all having more expectations on their children, son, daughter to become high like as a rich and wealthy they’re all usually thinks about it…like in education, and jobs etc., some people usually always have a habit of dreaming with their desires and their expectations…so these are all the things which makes them their life more critical.
They didn’t think what’s their situations and about their limited wealthy…always they used to expect more wealthy one for their desires, and expectations, and having a competition ie., being jealous on other person who lives with wealthy and comparison to other good living one’s…due to these, this kind of persons spend their money even if they’re in middle class, in order to show up their wealthiness to others…THIS WAS SO…. STUPID THING!!
See, there are much difference between expectations with dream and dream with expectations…the first category, have a habit of only dreaming with pleasure and desire without any planning. They just simply spend a lot for more things and get suffered from debts. The second one have a proper plan to achieve their desire what they dreamt. according to that they put so much of hard work even if they lose, they do it and try it again and again until they reach dream.
The hard worker after he or she attains their goal, at last they could be free from all problems… but, they have one thing to feel worry about to do not have a time to live with peaceful! 

“The more expecting makes loss of peaceful”. 

So, be first find a peace to live happy and then, with that happiness do work for your dream so that you have a feel of complete life full of pleasure at old age.
Be have a thought of “all becomes good at end”. Yes, the failure brings you success and success brings you failure . So, the cycle goes on until the end of life. Be know it! and, remember this truth always … all the things moves on with a cycle; whether it is good or bad, But the cycle moves on…good becomes bad one and again it becomes good , success becomes failure and failure becomes success like a cycle it just moves on continuously…so there is no need to worry even if you lose something; if you lose one, know that you’ll get another one which is better than one you lose.
Without any expectations just lead your life what you posses, don’t compare with you others…each flower are different with their own special identity so, don’t lose your identity, BE SPECIAL !! FEEL SPECIAL !! COMPARE THAN OTHERS.
Don’t feel worry about your poorness, that’s also brings you good one, compare than others. Be feel blessful be feel rich with satisfaction, satisfy what you have!!…This, makes you more comfortable . So that, you can have a happy and peaceful life forever!! since, you don’t have to pay debts, you don’t need to worry, you don’t need to be stress and you don’t need to face all kind of unnecessary problems…Just, you feel pleasure and joyful throughout your life.
Be have a stress free life!
Thank you,

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