How to meditate in home?

Home Meditation

Hello, Everyone! having struggle to meditate in your home? let us find a way through this blog.

Why you need meditation?

First of all, let you think that what is the purpose for you, doing meditation? isn’t right thing to do know?!… What made you to decide for choosing meditation?.. let you think this first!.., why I’m saying this means, all are recommend and spreading this meditation as remedy for all problems… do you think this can solve your problems first!??..

For perfect meditation, you need a eligible strong mind, without any stress. with all of your stressful problems in your mind, how can you do meditation with your problems?? it could be just like a false belief know? isn’t it!..

“First, let you free from your problematic thoughts, control yourself then, practice meditation peacefully”! 🙂

– your friend.

So, don’t worry! let you find relax time for your mind, let your mind be in peace, and then think what’re all the mistakes you have done it, and recognize it realize what’s happen at past and present, be aware of your present situations, then find a solution to solve your problems

Don’t be hesitate to ask apologize for your mistake, if you need complete satisfactory, do it ! then, it won’t disturb you again as stressful in your mind.

And don’t get anger for other’s mistake be think of their situation if, you know they’re bad just avoid them decently, rather don’t hurt, so they can get a chance to realize their mistakes. or else, they may chance to revenge. if, you do this you’ll be free from all stressful problem and happy with free mind.

By this, i claim that, First let you learn to control your emotions and feelings. When you learn to control your feelings at each and every situations…it is easy to practice meditate i.e., you can able to concentrate in particular point in your meditational practice.

Learn easy steps to practice meditation:- eligibility for meditation.

This is the initial stage, for eligibility to practice over meditation. Since, in our life, we didn’t experience this meditation , so we couldn’t do meditation in perfect manner. For this, first of all we need a eligibility to control ourselves. i.e., emotions, feelings, behavior, practicing good habits, avoiding the bad attractions & desires.

5 easy steps to practice meditation:

  1. Be relax and peaceful. Sit straight on floor above your mat.
  2. Be fix in your single mind thought, about any of your good lovable thing.
  3. Close your eyes. Then, try to focus on your particular good thought . Try to extend your time on focusing and concentrating on your thought.
  4. If, you feel discomfort, try another method, using a dot. Draw one dot in paper, place it over front of your eyes. at a particular distance, try to see the single dot with full concentration without any diverting thoughts, with blank mind just focus on dot. don’t stress your eyes, do it your best. Practice this, until you can control your running thoughts for longer period of time.
  5. Do this, regular basis. have a habit of wake up early morning, do 4am to 6am and evening 4 to 6 pm for practice meditation. Avoid unnecessary gadgets, TV, or the things which inducing diverting thoughts. Be do this in regular often.

HINT: Once, you get ability to control your mind, start to believe on your God. Without his blessings, nothing can’t be possible in this world. If you don’t get belief, just be hope and trust on God. Surely, you’ll get positive results in practicing meditation.

Be concentrate on God while you meditate so then, you can able to maintain your purity of mind without any upcoming bad thoughts.

“Meditation is a practice, which leads you towards higher consciousness”!

– soulmate.

How many days takes for eligible in meditation?

Eligibility for meditation may takes more than a year. Maximum it takes one year to control your mind thoughts, minimum it takes 6 months according to your sincerity and confident. Since, we didn’t take practice over in our early age.

From our 5 years of age till now our mind get practiced over in dwelling with full running thoughts, behaviour and character.

So, it could be not possible for sudden suppressing our mind thoughts or controlling our mind, Our mind will need to take time for such practice according to our order , when we try to control our mind regularly, one day it will respond according to our wish then, it will automatically randomly get controlled to you.

Until, you need to posses the patience and diligence for control, since always our mind have a habit of restrict or resist to our order. Once you practice this patience and diligence, it will not harder for controlling your mind. For this, only I’ve said in above paragraph to first control yourself and be calm and be patient by controlling your emotions.

Once, you complete this as initial stage successfully, next stage is maintaining in meditation , this stage will automatically comes after, once you have controlled your mind.

“Be have a strong ability of will power which, that’s need for eligibility in meditation”!

– Zen.

How to find time in home for meditate?

You can find Time at early morning and evening only up to 4 to 6 am and pm. At least, one hour is enough for practicing meditation. Please do meditation daily at least per hour.

First, try 10 mins meditation, then 20 mins likewise, increase your time gradually. But, you should practice it on regular basis in daily.

Be scheduled your work and rest according to time then, workout .Whenever you free just be relax yourself by calm your mind in devotional. So then, you can feel free and in eternal bliss.

How can i meditate in home on regular basis?

You can meditate in your home at your perfect place. Choose a comfortable place which right one for you and which your mind feel relax, soothing. Be sure that your family members do not disturb you, so be choose the right place where no one visits.

After, when you’re attained eligibility for meditation at first stage, next switch on to maintain your meditational level by increasing your meditating hours.

For regular basis, Try to think more about meditation and divinely basis , be let on your mind to dwell in this meditational and divinely thoughts, Just be aware of your surrounding and discover your spiritual learning. Discover answers for your questions within yourself.

And be follow on your schedule regularly. Don’t be stress yourself. Just do with in your sincerity in your good mood.

Being hearing songs, reading books and habits are all about spiritual, and listen, speak, think about spiritual which this is good thing to practicing for focusing on divine. just be do your duty ( Day to day activities ) including with divinely meditation.

What can i benefit from meditation doing in home?

Not only in home; wherever you can do This, gives same good results for your mind, the benefits for doing meditation are,

  • You’ll have a clear mind , with awareness.
  • With increasing practice of meditation, Gives more positive results, which it make you feel confident with good knowledge,
  • Improves your brain skill, ability and,
  • Awareness and positive thinking,
  • Able to face and tackle situation with skillfully, improves will power.

Can i do higher spiritual meditational practice in my home?

Ya! you can do!.. The concept is Meditation can practice every where in this world according to your wish!,

Before doing meditation it is important to develop your eligibility which it was said first, in above parah.

Do this higher meditation with your good spiritual master. since, that is important thing. practicing normal meditation doesn’t cause any effects. But, for higher, need more efficient which is guided and learn it through good true spiritual master.

For more info about Meditation kindly, refer

During night-shift job how can i follow regular time table for early morning meditation?

Don’t need to worry. Be hope on your willpower. you can do it in evening 4 to 6 pm you’ll get same good results in evening also ! But, before doing be empty your stomach. In all such meditations it is important to empty your stomach before you meditate.

Since, during meditate our full stomach leads to sleepiness. for this, eat earlier on time afternoon 12:30 pm in small amount, so then it will be easily digested in shorter period of time, instead of taking 4 hours. So, you can meditate freely without any sleepiness.

Meditate with empty stomach? – ya, sure! doing with empty stomach, results you can do it with full concentration without any drowsy or sleepy.

In early morning or evening time before you meditate your stomach should be weightless, for this basis i would’ve said above para, to put a time table for keeping perfect timing for breakfast, lunch, and dinner in between your working hours on before and after meditate.

In night, eat half stomach don’t eat full stomach. so, then you’ll feel free at next morning meditation.

what are all the things should follow for meditation?

The things to follow are:

  • Empty your stomach before you meditate.
  • Have a habit of personal cleaning. Improve good habits,& behavior.
  • Be fresh up yourself.
  • Feel free and keep your mind relax.
  • Eat half stomach during afternoon, and night. at morning you eat limited sufficient amount not more exceed.
  • Eat fruits, veggies that’s good thing for your body rather, don’t eat non-veg items since, this may feel your stomach difficult for digestion takes more than 4 hours. which your stomach feel full-dumped. So, decrease intaking of non-veg foods. which that is good for meditation.
  • For meditation, working, taking food for all put a timetable to get habitual practice for maintaining good meditation.

These are things you can follow in your home and practice meditation hopefully. If you need more information please don’t forget to visit our site –

Be good, do good, hope you’ll get good results.

Thank you all my soulmates:)

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