How your mind help to relive from problems ?

How well can mind motivate you ?

The capability of mind always have a habit of guide according to your way of thoughts…ie., according our way of character and behavior sense our mind reacting on these basis. If, you are good well in your character sense, according to this, your mind guide you in good way… in either off it’s opposite side, of bad way of your character , to this basis your mind guide your in bad way…
The well good mind have filled with positive way of thinking..and it can also be in some uncomfortable situations makes our mind move towards bad way of behavior and these both way of mind which worked on the basis of heart . 
see, know well about the difference between mind, heart and character..clear way of thought makes you travel with your life smoothly…


             Mind is defined as our thoughts .. which exist in present, a way in with awareness of speaking, writing, drawing, learning…etc., are all out come of your way of thoughts present in your mind… these thoughts is accumulate in mind and occupies within your heart.
this makes you alternate thinking often not in one way in many, your mind cannot in thought of one kind it moves and jumps one to one way of thinking like a monkey moves from one tree’s branch to another tree. so, this character of way of thoughts is said to be called as mind, this can be worked with your present consciousness.
therefore, mind is known as flowing of thoughts which embedded within heart.


             Heart is defined as the place of mindful of billions of thoughts which accumulates with in present consciousness. this heart which plays key role to developing one’s character, behavior,actions, skills, presentation and determine how to way of well behaving with others with present mindfulness, and with awareness … this can determines the 5 senses of taste smell, feel, speaking, and it responsible for moody, anger, lust body feelings etc., also these sense of feeling can be changed with hormones..
with this help of heart we can able to think, and decide what we done in future with help of mind and help to set goal and successful way…so this kind of nature sense we called as heart ( sixth sense ) control center of mind,character and behavior.


The kind of attitude, behavior develops within heart and exhibits from mind as thoughts, action, which determines the way of speaking, learning, and performance . changes can be seen according to surroundings or situations makes the person to be act like good or bad. 
so many of successful persons, says Don’t change your original way being of character and attitude from your heart and mind at any situations.. since, this might can put’s problematic situation to the person…so no one can help or guide the person..
which these collectives are called as personality. the personality is the way of character.
 Conscience is a out coming thoughts of self  awareness from your subconsciousness. which it always look after your mind and heart whether it moves with good or not. it’s nature is to realize  your self, and sense of your good and bad character and makes you to realize your mistakes,.. As like god,.. it act’s similarly like god or soul which always notes you and have ability of nature to guide you within your consciousness.. which it called as conscience.
This makes you feel soulful if you’re in spiritual ,and creates your original soulful feelings and it makes analyse you to realize that which one is truth and fake. and makes you all in awareness and mindfulness. 
This is the one who creates good originality to all of people.
But… heart and mind are interconnected to each other. in one time we cannot distinguish between heart and mind….since.. their own way  of nature are similar to each other with some minor differences…which we could not explain it in accurate manner…!!
“The good nature makes all good!”
  • One who develops with good heart with good character of mind, his mind can guide him good way with help of conscious and subconscious mind…
  • So, develop your good ones from your heart. by, seeing good, hearing good, and speak with good and kindful words, and your action and sense are all should be change in good way.
  • With by achieving of developing your good mindful of thoughts within your heart it can have more possibilities to have this up mentioned changes.
  • Try to encourage and motivate yourself, you yourself has been good compared with others guidance…so believe yourself within your heart , so you can find more answers to your more questions are get from within your heart with by help of your subconsciousness level.
  • Develop your good personality, with by your good character and always in thought of good ones avoid bad way of thoughts and try to remove it from your mind or divert towards in good way of thinking.
  • This well mindfulness creates to focus on only good one. and you automatically work for good, and have good thoughts, and good ability of mind. This results, makes your mind guide your thoughts in good way, even if you face unfortunately a big loss, your mind automatically motivate and encourage you with offering some good thoughts.
  • You can see,… this kind of your good mind act like as god!…If you’re in way of believe in god you can see many divine changes which occurs within your heart.and your god guides you and he speaks within your heart as good conscience.
With good sense of self character, your own mind with help of heart on basis of your good conscience , can relieve you from all kind of hardful situations, problems and you can realize that, you can easily tackle and overcome all kind of situations in bravely and brilliancy with ability of good skillful mind .
Learn good, and have a good life!..
sharing can cares one’s mind!…

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