Let’s know about divinity.

 what is divine?


Dear soulmates, greetings to all!

Many of us have arguing and having some discussions, and many doubts and questions and researches in existence of GOD! some creates many myths and theories and stories about God. some may have true beliefs based on that follows many traditions and cultures… it’s all ok, what do you think about God? does he or she ? does God is real or not? 


Many enlightened one say’s… God is relies within you so, please do realize and feel him in proper spiritual way.. what they says to us?…they means, the spiritual way is self realization in deep devotion of god it doesn’t comes under only physical practice and mental practice, it is the way to feel and realize in deeper in consciousness soulfully.

So, why do the monk says?…since, for understanding from experiencing the, higher state of consciousness brings higher understanding about the truth behind this world and spiritual world. So, all people do arguing and such things are all unnecessary, One who smells this sense of truth, he or she can go in their own way of understanding without doing or involve any issues.

Which these truly understanding people do enter into the understanding about divine through with their own self experiencing in worldly situation and in their inner soulful experience.

So, you all have question about what do they felt? and how does they feel like?it,just not say it in simple words…yes! of course not! since, each one have different way of experience according to their divinity love and involvement in spiritual. Each one says, different experience obtain in spirituality also, unbelievable / unexpected / higher experience aren’t said ever. 

In deeper understanding of divinity experiencing the loss of self and loss of running of thoughts; in deeper and deeper one cannot able to feel as him or her so, the person totally immersed in divinely world with total eternal bliss, and divine joy so, that’s the final stage which we can feel and can tell to others, the above the final stage we couldn’t exist in this body ie., we can’t recover our consciousness in that above final stage since, we don’t desirable to come again in this world unnecessarily.

SO, WHAT IS DIVINITY? answer is , only self realization in soulfully( in deeper consciousness ). which includes eternal love and bliss which one can totally self dedicated to god with full of deep devotion, throughout in life.

Divine, divinity, god are all resembles the same sate of higher consciousness ie., selfless experience felt as divinely nature. 

ie., one could not have feel like, ” I am ” he or she just feel like soulful without seeing any  difference between them and others. These people start seeing and treat others equally as how they like.

How are all these experiences can seen through this divine?…how do we deserve for it ?

Let’s see in upcoming blogs…until, be have a start to develop your interest in spirituality. 

Thank you guys,



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