The human birth for god.

 Purpose of human birth.

This world is consist of many living beings, but one should think about the value of human life, since he or she contain sixth sense to analyse thoughts, and capable of controlling themselves. but not other livings do.

In spiritually also, we get experienced through super higher state of consciousness and beyond level . Of course, we all can able to do that!!..either, we all get travelling through unknown worldly relations, without knowing about them.. finally as age gone, we become older, and live with thoughts of past life experience.. until death.

So, in this life what we get? and what we experienced off ? until death one can remember his achievements and bad, good but after attaining death, do you think that , does he remember his past? , and get into all these things? certainly not.

then, we should analyse the difference between soul and life within our body. why? since,we get to know that after life,as we are all soul nothing will be taken and nothing will realize of our past life thoughts ( it could be happen for certain purpose only.) 

so, why we should live as human being? for what ? why? how ? when? just like analyse to get answer to all these types of questions. but how? only in spiritual way of life we can get clear ideas with complete answer instead of scientific modern life . 

Human nature:

  • Humans, in modern life are all get drastically changed their culture , way of life , and act to be like to live like others in a way.. just think, while we asleep as we dream , we could make some actions , act in that dream after we awaken up all situations in dream like you smile, actions are all get lost within a second.

  • it is same as our life also, yes it is totally similar to our dream in sleep condition. it resemble  is we are all in asleep in our day today life.. even though we had a capability to control over it we could not unable to do that since we are all get into totally covered with worldly related things like passion, desire , anger, unwanted characters , body related feelings, behaviors, relationships etc., are all temporary things which we could not travel with it permanently.. but this fact could not able to understand and accept by people.. since they believe that hearing music, eye sigh table things, we feel , respire mind thoughts are all until they should waked up in spiritual way with complete enlightenment. 

  • But in dead condition, we could not able to realize and take over it.. that’s the truth. so which one is permanent in this world (not) in this universe itself ? how do we get answer?.. by without wasting time by involving in control of mindful of thoughts( desire, passion , sexual love, body feelings , anger depression, cheerful,happy) these are all things make to involve worldly related things and prevents and stop to get real truth of enlightenment we realize in soulfully.

  • So , Don’t waste your opportunity to seek god . since, this is our only one human birth purpose of attaining complete enlightenment and reach god. 

victory of the spirit:

                   *  Waste no more time, for if you have to change your bodily residence you will have to wait a long time for another opportunity to seek God earnestly, passing first through rebirth and the travails of childhood and the restlessness of youth.

                 * why squander(waste (something, especially money or time) in a reckless and foolish manner./allow (an opportunity) to pass or be lost. your time in useless desires? It is foolish to spend your life seeking things you must forsake at death. You will never find happiness that way.

                  * But every effort you make toward the contact of God in meditation will bring you an everlasting gift of the soul. Start now those of you who are real lovers of God, seeking not your own glory of Spirit.

                  * Each one has to win his own victory. make up your mind that you are going to be supremely victorious . you don’t need You don’t need an army or any other material help to gain the highest victory attainable; just a strong determination that you are going to win. All you have to do is sit still in meditation, and going to win.

               * All you have to do is sit still in meditation, and with sword of discrimination cut off, one by one, the advance of restless thoughts When they advance o restless thoughts. When they will all be dead, God’s kingdom of calm wisdom will be yours.

*  Every one of you who has heard this sermon, and who makes a sincere effort to change, will find a greater communion with God, and in Him the true and lasting victory of the spirit.

Thank you.

If you have any clarification kindly, let us know in comment box. 



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