The mystery of universe.

                  what do you think about universe?

Do you see the stars at night? all you say it as “yes”. Then, can you see deeply within stars as embedded in dark outer space? Many of them can something might think about as unusual one. but for my mind which i research is.. my mind is always think about that universe might be in shape of sphere so then out of the universal ball, does any unusual mystery place is situated …what do you think off?? 

Many of us don’t have time to watch stars and universe in this busy world know.. but you can just think of it .. that how might be large of universe is…we are just like ants crawling on this earth..but beyond this universe have you think of it any some mystery place get situated off?..

                                   ➽ I think it would be … situated .. since beyond our thinking of mind our god has created so many creations so much as possible… so beyond our imagination of our small brain god have created so many of things.. 

This might i would be heard of many spiritual saints says about god’s creations.. and we just are all one of the part of his imagination of his creation…this would might be interested to think so!!…

                                  ➽ But, we could not say surely, about this one … since one who can get off the outer space experience in beyond level can say or get any proof about this.. but nor any one does let to be know about  it?.. but, many spiritual masters who surrender and completely attained by god can experiencing many spiritual experiences and still now they are researching about god and his creations .. 

Even though they are all get complete enlightenment,.. they still are live in as form of good soul and spirit … and still they are all watching us in this world and they try to work with get rid of evil things in this world..

                                       ➤ See … how well they are!!.. we can also become to like this.. but you say that, how it is possible ?? .. 

yes it’s all possible in this universe !! so as we are normal humans we can also get complete enlightenment as saints !! for this,.. just to be stay tuned with god and spiritual practice with keen consciousness.

                                         ➧ Since, i have get the words of spiritual masters .. in books that.. In, practice of meditation without in worldly consciousness in with deep on god .. can get 100 % use of their brain capacity by receiving the divinity power of god and with universal cosmic energy which could change the ability of mind and brain and also physical body.

                                        ➧ By this, without any ego , and without having any thought of glory and pride of ourselves ,  with self sacrifice to god can get able to get these ability of energy and also we can able to get clearance and discover keenly about space of galaxies and universe.. and all creations might to be know about it excellently!..  with complete enlightenment!!.. 
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