The perennial peace and joy lies within us

Let our peace and joy within us.

Dear soulmates, greetings to all !
Here we see about inner peace which lies within us!.. so let’s go on …
As we are all children of God , our real nature is to be happy; you will be never satisfied with anything less than true happiness. and it will not depend on anything outside.. it’s inside yourself !
Drink and dope will give you the false notion that you are having a good time, while they are actually destroying your body and mind and stifling the soul . likewise, when we are all drunken with disciples of Christ. not with a wine, just a ecstasy of God. 
This is the true divine ecstasy, divine happiness … that’s only our soul is seeking with a need to attain parents ie.,GOD!
You spend so much time in decorating your homes or working to buy a new car etc., that’s all right !!.. But!… you must be able to renounce all these things inwardly. you can just ask like ,.. “why? why should we renounce it?”…

Just , because it gives freedom from enslavement in possessions from all earthy relationship .. just think about that. you be moan not having what others have . You don’t know what is to be free from all difficulties..
The contrast of the happiness within your soul our balances all the pleasure that you can get from your senses. 

So, don’t spend too much time in seeking and caring for possessions. Yes, it is good to be neat, but don’t be overly fastidious.. after you have cleaned all dirty things in your mind, it will soon occupied ..and dirt your mind thoughts again. so, be spotless within. make your inner self like a temple of God. and place it your god within your inner heart .. and love him..meditate him through after passing your mind thought.

Make it a temple of the mystic life in the universe … will become you are the king of everything, and not attached to anything worldliness. that inner reunion with God is the greatest way, undergoing forced discipline with the inner self still attached to the body possessions,will change your heart.


So, God is alone, who sufficiently lies within us and in all life with happiness, all joy and all peace. everything that even in your wildest dreams which you could not imagine.

Cultivate relationship with him; practice the presence of God every day and never go to bed at night until you have practiced in yoga and meditation.

Meditation plays key role for reaching God which gives you uplift , peacefulness , joy and soulful feeling. so, you want to be a human rose a flower of bliss.

As soon as, God touches you, all the fragrance of every flower manifest within you and all goodness and purity of god are all lies within you…so by day by day practicing meditation or yoga with faithful, endless love on God surely you can the truth of reality in your life!

 Be have a good life! thank you..🙂

– AbinayaBaskar


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