Do Indian meditation worth or not?

Indian meditation

Dear soulmates, greetings to all !

What you all think about Indian mediation? Is basis on country does meditation can be differ? let we discuss

Many of us have try to glance over all types of meditations, through many sources like social media, by travelling and by reading books and magazines and spiritual related articles etc..,

But we should know about the truth that, At yearly ages of all centuries beyond historical ethics , laws and story myths it reveals about that, The Indian civilization is first formed with some moral ethics and including with spiritual laws which all now have proven by excavation research.

Also, many historical books which have written before A.D i.e.., before Christ are all proved about Indian spiritual laws and their cultures , have existed before millions of years.

On basis of country do meditation practice differs?…

Not yet! meditation is common practice for all people which done by with good spiritual master. The mentioned Indian country is origin of all spiritual practices so, it is commonly denoted.

From India, the spiritual practices is started to spread all over country at early before 19th century. On this basis, other spiritual practices are placed and now followed in Asiatic countries.

The all meditational practice is followed by same manner. But, according to religion , spiritual traditions may differ. But, there are different spiritual practices is based on our enlightenment. which can be practiced when we eligible for higher spiritual enlightenment.

Is mediation is worthy ?

Yes of course! that meditation is worthy one. Which this act as treatable of all kinds of problems in related to stress, health, mental health, psychological disorder, bad habits, etc., can be cured when we follow good spiritual practice regularly.

Which one can totally change into good person. And this spiritual guides people of society into good way of manner.

In this, spiritual all are get benefited in any one of in many ways. By not only for attaining God, it posses solutions for all problems in society, governing , ethics, spiritual traditions superstition and all. It just breakups the fake and bad among people which reveals about Truthful in this world.

Explains about reality and which is temporary one and permanent . And it makes us realize our self and self experience with connect to God.

And it make us as enlightened one. We can’t just estimate about value of spiritual meditation since, it possess boundless value which we can’t show up in this smallest world just we can feel and realize it through our deep higher consciousness.

what are all the things to do eligible for meditation?:

The things to do for meditation is :

  1. Improve good habits. schedule your timings.
  2. having a habit of following regular time table
  3. Improve the daily basis on waking early morning and after freshing up your self, sit alone your comfortable space. Then close your eyes slowly.
  4. Take a deep breath and relax yourself.
  5. Try to concentrate your mind on a particular spot or any divinely image as per your wish.
  6. keep this try, until your mind accepts your command for concentrating on particular spot.
  7. Before meditation the person should be with empty stomach, and have to cleanse his / her stomach . take a bath before meditate. Just fresh up yourself.
  8. Do this practice in twice a day morning and evening 4 to 6 am and pm . or else, do it at least once in early morning which this can gives more benefits with our fresh brain.
  9. Be faith on yourself. don’t loss your hope on yourself at any cause. believe yourself that you can do it!
  10. At last, believe your god and believe your divinely love for god since this can makes you easily get stronger bond between you and god also, with your god’s bliss you will automatically move on to higher meditation.
  11. For this, you should face any kind of obstacles with bravely by having deep faith on your divinely love to your god. So, this can able to relieve any kind of stressful problems.

When do we attain higher spiritual experience?

We can attain through our strong will power. you should keep strong will power including strong desire. Just keep on trying with hope on beloved God which it will surely can enter slowly into higher consciousness. Don’t do spiritual practice with expectation. Expectation makes your mind filled with desires which this results, your mind will act out of control .

All are linked with each other. according to this statement, only with desire keeps you dwell in worldliness by any kind of attractions like fame, money, etc., . So, keep your mind fully in concentrate to attain eternity.

For this, avoid your all worldly desires and keep concentrate on god for him do it your best. show up your love by doing all these things for him, keep a strong will including your desire. Have a strong mind with confidence, willpower and strong aiming to attain God.

With this kind, all people can move on to higher spiritual consciousness. And can feel eternal bliss , love and feel embraced hold on to god. which this can results to keep equal love and treat others like Godly manner. Make us realize godliness in all around in this universe. So, keep your will stronger and take a support of God , surely you can get success.

Can we do higher spiritual practices?

NO! Without any proper guidance of good spiritual master, should not practice over it by seeing any social medias and YouTube or by watching any program on television etc.,

Since we do not know the how the way should be performed, without any aware can cause bad results leads to danger.

So, if you need such kind of practices, first know about its pros and cons Then, try to learn from basics by proper spiritual teacher since, he only knows the tactics how to perform such yogism and asanas and kinds of spiritual practices. With holy bliss of God, one can easily caught up by spiritual teacher.

If you want to experience the higher spirituality, first of all please learn the basics and ethics of spirituality. Since, this is the higher learning than our worldly academics. Which we learn with our real life experience than reading from books. So it is not easy to carry onto higher consciousness.

Basics of spirituality are:

Develop your will power.

Develop your willpower. Develop love on God

Believe your faith on God. Have a strong belief and devotion.

Try to show up your deep love on God, In all of your surroundings you have to feel him so, that much of plenty of endless love should be kept on God.

Improve your good habits:

With your devotion, try to improve some good habits, which your mind should be on to do work for daily duties and love on God. without these two things, your mind should not be distracted to any of worldly attractions. just do your duty on world without any desires, by in thought of God.

Do meditation with truelove on God:

Whenever, your mind attained this kind of state manner, You can do automatically practice on meditation. Since, at this stage you can able to concentrate on God in yourself easily.

The love on God should be truthful. there is no hesitation, doubt or enact in your devotion. if this does, totally becomes useless..

Since, remember this which, your lovable God is always watching within you and outside so, you can’t escape from his sight! he knows what are all you does, and your running thoughts. SO, BE TRUTHFUL TO YOUR GOD.

Keep practice daily meditation:

Schedule your time for your daily duties and for doing practice of meditation.

According to your situation and job schedule your time and put as timetable.

But, early morning meditation is very excellent time for meditation, since at 4 to 6 am is full of divinely time. At this time the cosmic power can be able to attract body to improve mind and soulful power.

Be concentrate on God by closing your eyes deeply without mind distraction. Just feel God in presence of your sight.

Extend your practice at 10 to 20 min and 20 to 30 min and 30 min to an hour.

At basics a person should done for 1 to 2 hour meditation on daily basis.

This basic state should be continued until you feel strong bond between you and your God. and maintaining this should be important. for this only you do daily practice.

For this basic stage to get well experienced, totally takes 2 to 5 years or 10 years on basis upon your involvement and understanding.

For higher stage, God makes you prepared and well trained:

This results, you can able to communicate with your God by your own way of understanding, and your god will also responds your feelings and devotion and all.

and he can communicate with you according to your understanding. And makes you guide in good way which you can feel eternal joy with divine bliss of love.

This is the next stage ie., connecting you and God.

Which this continues, automatically god will teach you how well you practice on your controlling your mind, emotions, and feelings. including meditation. He well knows how to make you understand on what he reveals.

Whenever you totally dedicated yourself to your God, He’ll begin to train up you for higher spiritual enlightenment, and he makes you realize your higher consciousness at initial stage.

And when you become eligible to attain higher consciousness, God will show up a good truthful spiritual teacher to you or makes you know and realize to learn higher spiritual practice except upon meditation to a particular spiritual teacher.

Then, the teacher will guide you automatically to attain God.

When you before go for any spiritual teacher, how we know that he or she is true one?

The true one is resembles like god. How well the god is, which equal to how well the person is in higher consciousness.

Some Symptoms and tactics can show the true one, which are..

  • The true one is not favor for any popularing him or herself.
  • He or she doesn’t behave like normal human being we can realize the differences based on abnormal behaving like divinely manner.
  • The true one makes you realize him before you met him, like a God.
  • He doesn’t portrait himself as God, he just remaining in full of eternal bliss by in sight of God.
  • He is always full of silence he speaks for needed purpose.
  • He is in always in simple form without any wearing luxuries.
  • His or her face is full of calm, kind which it makes us feel good positive vibes.
  • He or she behaves, normally to others to makes them understand on what he or she reveals.
  • This kind of people is totally away from their desires. It is difficult us to understand them as what was their character, behavior and all.
  • They behaves on their limit i.e.., they know when and where what should be performed. If they act or perform anything there should be useful reason behind their action. They totally controlled their mind thoughts and their body feelings.
  • This kind of people don’t take more food. and doesn’t takes variety of foods. we can detect them by their what they takes as food, Since they eat soft meals with limited manner at once in a day. They take small amount of food for once or twice in a day.
  • Always they’re in practice of higher consciousness which they always in state of divine in worldly duties also.
  • Their character and behavior are seems all totally apart from normal. Just they apart form bad, good and all desires even if in worldly duties. Just like godliness.
  • They just in thought of researching the truthful in this universe and makes us realize what was truth about God.
  • After when you get true divinely secrets by your self realization from them you can aware of other false spiritual teacher.

So, these are all such tactics and behaviour of all enlightened ones found as good spiritual teacher.

One thing is, not all enlightened people becomes spiritual teacher. since, the those peoples are all acting upon their God’s approval.

One spiritual teacher can evolve one of his follower as eligible for another spiritual teacher on based upon what god reveals to him.

Apart from that, all enlighten ones are equal to each other is equal as spiritual teacher.

Finally, from this blog you can get most of the information, So be meditate and have a good spiritual journey towards God.

Thank you.

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