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The start point of the mind

Dear soulmates! greetings to all !!
let we see about how mind starts….
In childhood itself our mind begins to start work on it … yes…upto 5 yrs we couldn’t realize ourselves
in baby stage we are all behave just like a small creatures ,  after attaining 5 yrs old we begin to realize and understand what happening in our surroundings…

After then , we begin to learn that who we are.. and who is our mom and dad and relatives…etc.,in
this stage our new mind begins with combinations of those memories so at that time our brain begins to work more in order to learn new things … this is why we are begin to learn education at early stage!

Then, we begin to feel the five senses memorably like taste sour bitter and good and bad ones.. like a monkey brain..

Once we get 13 yrs old…until we cannot have a good knowledge…so in this state we don’t know which one is good or bad and how to behave and whom can be believable are all …so this reason we face more problems also learn good habits and good characteristic mind…so our parents  behaves strict person at this stage.

After attaining 13 yrs, we begin to create good self knowledge, according to usage of our self knowledge we create our own future either good or bad!

According to habit of keep curiosity and self interest in any thing by this… we begin to form a character.

Until teenage 20 yrs we just behave cool and not involving any abilities and not interested in any thing and we don’t care our life just we seek to enjoy and happiness in that stage after 20 we begin to understand , what is life how is family and society and begin to create awareness  that’s the maturity begins..


This is how our mind get starts and grows…let we learn new things in upcoming posts…

Thank you! 🙂



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