what is the purpose of traditions


Dear soulmates, greetings to all!
Let’s see what the truth behind in these social differences…
The many people in this earth formed their own groups in accordance with their belief of God. As it results, it forms major religion, caste etc., but these are all reveals the one same truth of existence of God with some ethics.
This ethical laws have transformed into traditions in many ways… accordance of different types of religion, caste and beliefs. Results, creates a major difference among humanity in many centuries. 
But, the real truth of reason for all traditions …is to make good habits of society with  control of their bad and good activities …based for this reason only, many spiritual practices are appealed in before centuries.. but later, it get slowly transformed into different types of traditions, caste and religions.
Now, in many parts of world make problems by avoiding some group of people in caste , religion in because of their habits and traditions…but none of them aren’t seen any of their humanity. 
None of any caste or religion have not revealed to create difference and make some problems in society. it only reveals to travel in path of truth filled with good habits in accordance with God. 
The aim of caste or religion to make human with good humanity with his good habits and make his spirit with pure bliss with interconnecting to divinity.
Without these groups of caste or religion, none of human cannot live with good nature and discipline he or she live like a animal creatures
the laws which created before centuries make these humans with good habits and to follow discipline for their goodness.
this would make them good person in their mind thought and spiritual practices make their soul good to feel peaceful and reach enlightenment to know real fact of universal laws…and connection with eternal divine.
This is the only reason, for creating these traditions and religions or caste. but, without knowing this many of them are misuses their own religion or caste…then, impure their own traditional laws and their own religion and caste.
No any caste of religion reveals make to stress any people to follow their disciplines…who ever wishes to travel in good path can follow any kind of one..it’s not compelled to follow this and that tradition…but all people should have a make sense and awareness of their path whether they travelling good or bad way…
Each one of people whoever in any religion or caste should research of identifying truth and habits of their tradition and spiritual practices of what?, why?, where?, when? …
be search of answer to these questions..so that, you can know the real reason about your caste or religion. without any sense, none of ancestors would not create these ethics and their laws and temples, churches and Mosque etc., THEIR IS A TRUE REASON BEHIND IT!
So,..be read of these all Bibles, Qurans, Bagavad gita and Buddhism and Jainism etc., and MAKE A CLEAR CONCLUSION AND KNOW WHAT’S THE TRUTH IS!…
Without make any sense, don’t undergo any of these problems…be a man or woman with good humanity!!..and be with your own, good nature!…
life is short! so be used it valuable!…
Thank you guys,…be have a good life! 🙂
 – AbinayaBaskar 

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