What’s Nature’s law, and how it works? 

 Hi soulmates!.. let’s know about Nature’s law & difference b/w nature’s law and Karma.

What’s Natures law, and how it works? 

Nature’s law is nothing but is state of nature. i.e.., Birth, emotions, hungry, body growth, diseases, situations makes challenges to all living ones, death and again birth to death are all occurs in cycle.  This behaves on basis of the five elements of nature. Have you ever think that, how these are all occurs in automatically?? on what basis it does work? let we discover from this blog.

How the nature works?

The Nature works on basis upon energetic cycle. i.e.., The transferring of energy and gaining of energy, transformation of one form to another form on energy basis,.. which these occurs in between atoms, which is reflects through the groups of atoms in molecule, which results action performed in a any small particles, and this particles act as vital role to perform organisms to feel, breathe, motile, cell synthesis, cellular function,  body function etc..,  Which these are all interconnected actions performed one after another based on dependency state.

Nature’s law – State of nature:

This dependency state reflects all over different types of organisms existed on land, water, air, dry areas and very cold areas.

Which one could not live without dependent on other source or organisms”.

From small organisms to humans all are in dependency state.

Which is one could not live without another, and if one could loss any thing, the same one gets in another sate of form” ,

example; A seed loss its tendency and give up shoot and root which results, the same seeds are seen more existed in fruits. likewise, this sate is reflects in every life of all living ones, even in human life.

So, there is nothing will be permanent while there is occurring continuous actions and changes performed. Which this state gives a law of temporary state of all creations and living and non-living ones. I.e. ,

Nothing will remain as permanent and The changes will remain permanent”! 

“In between lives, and chances, changes and actions all are occurs within a particular period of time;

Whenever, once we lost chance we could not regain it!.. So, Once death occurs in the particular body of living one couldn’t regain its life at same time. But, The life can rebirth in another form of body in another period of time“!.

Which this states, the value of “TIME PERIOD IN BETWEEN LIFE AND DEATH OF LIVING ONES”. 

“The challenges between life and death is occurs rapidly, without challenges nothing cannot be in their special identity”.

All the living ones, are facing many challenges including humans but, some challenges becoming harder to tackle over and over come it so, some may failed to over come results in losing their lives, but some may changes themselves, or itself according to challenge and manage to overcome from it, which results wins over their challenge situations. for this, example is very cold and very hot and dry areas that, we can see some animals live according to situations like, polar bears, Foxes, penguins and in hot, cactus, some horned-snakes, reptiles can live successfully overcoming their hottest and coldest situations. Likewise, we humans be ready to overcome in very poor condition in successfully like this animals, when it occurs. So, then we could attain our own identity in highest positions.

Nature is act as a good teacher for us:

“Our first parent is god. who they give birth to soul, lives and creations.

Nature is our second parent, who she unifies us in a form, and teach us to face challenges, feel, control, ability skills, freedom etc., from her, we begin to learn , think, struggle, creative, ability and to live with comfort.

All parenting lives And our human parents who they’re all unifies our nature’s body and our God’s soul and give birth us to live with comforts… which they teach us to face over challenges in earth, good and bad, habits, shows right way for our successful life.

So, let we thank our three good parents who they’re be with us as supportive in all situations.. let we do good things for them as much as possible in order to thankful for all thanksgiving”!. _/\_

– Soulmate.

What is karma?

Karma is Sanskrit language, which it denotes “The actions performed all living ones whether it is good or bad or its need all are comes under on basis of Blessings and sin; from this basis the birth of living ones will be decides by God”.

In Hinduism, and Buddhism states that, according to sum of a person’s actions which held on his or her previous states of birth existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences. Which it actually means “action” is core concept in these Eastern religions, including Hinduism and Buddhism.. With karma, like causes produce like effects according to good or bad will lead to future in beneficial or harmful effect.

The way you speak in with what kind of mind thought, the actions which you perform with charity or without charity, the way you think about others, double action performance in front of others, all are comes under “KARMA”.

With this karma your next birth had be decided, how you hurt others in mentally or physically, how you help and be supportive and be charity to others, the habits you posses ; like all actions in your present birth will be calculated for next birth. If, you do good you gain good next birth ; or doing bad, you’ll get next bad birth like small creatures which always in sufferings .

“Hugh!.. All sufferings, desires, thoughts and comforts, birth and death cycle.. are all torchering us, by keep us away from our Divinely peace”!

– By your “SOUL”

How to prevent karma in this birth?

Why this karma happen? since, in order to balance your deeds or actions which you perform in previous and present birth. If your actions all be balanced equally good and equally bad, Then you have to rebirth again in human form for deplete your good and bad deeds.

If, you have depleted all your deeds good and bad, then you have no other deeds to take a rebirth ,i.e., you’ve completed the earthy life, or you end up, full stop your birth and death cycle whenever, you lead in spiritual way to attain God.

If you don’t understand, let take example of atom, whenever its atomic shell is full with electrons, it doesn’t need to share or regain electron from another atom, it don’t need to combine as molecule to take a solid, liquid, gas or other form of matters… just it represents as atom with full valence shells as stable atoms, eg., helium, neon, and argon.

“Spiritual way is a way for our own real identity, and freedom; leads us towards our home”!

– Soulmate.

Likewise, we don’t need to suffer or be comfortable for depleting our deeds just we remain constant and stable without any struggle, sufferings, and comforts ; just we remain calm, pleasant and feel be in with deep eternity. Just like a helium let us fly from all comforts and struggles let we free from our deeds, our desires, free from cyclic birth and death in earthy life , let ourselves be in eternal divinely bliss in deep connecting to our parent God.

In spiritual way, you can decrease the number of counting of your good and bad deeds, even you break up by death in this present birth, you’ll gain another chance in good birth for deplete your remaining’s. In spiritual way, is the way for divine or Godly way who God doesn’t posses any deeds or births; just he remains immortal with eternity in stable, constant sate. For this, only you need is brave and spiritual practice, mindfulness, present awareness and have a confidence to face this experience in your reality i.e., in your own real journey.

“Enough! for all cycles and births and all actions!…let we take rest in our own home ( God )”!

– By your “soul“.

Difference between Karma and Nature’s law:

So, here is the difference when you read above you’ll get an idea about difference.

Nature’s law: It is the state of “Being”.

Karma: It is the state of “Actions”.

This is the main difference, between Nature’s law and karma. you can ask that, Can a thought also comes under karma?, yes of course, it comes under. since, a thought becomes actions and a actions becomes as thought. each are connected to each other.

Finally, you all discovered the main content in this blog. From this, let you think for your future purpose.

Have a good day to you all! 🙂

Thank you all my soulmates!.

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